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  1. Thanks for posting the pics. Nice lamps. CM Halls were pretty good quality not are not rare. The Patent date doesn't have any connection to date of manufacture however. As they are 'dual' lamps made for both electric and kerosene I'd date them as circa 1912 or later. There were a number of manufacturers who used lamps like these and often there was a logo on the side of the lamp indicating the car they were used on. I have Chalmers and Cole lamps in my own collection. These could have been purchased separately at auto supply stores or through catalogs so it's not possible to say they were supplied to any particular car. They look like they are in pretty decent condition and would take little work to make them usable on a car or to display in a collection. If you are looking to establish a value, it only takes a little searching through Ebay listings to see what they are bringing.

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