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  1. Trying to reassemble the above stated truck. Where do the felt gaskets/seals & the spacer/washer that it was paired with go in the hub?
  2. I know, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Got em listed on many of those locations too.
  3. No, but I have a set of power window doors that will go with everything
  4. Bump. Need to clear the property I have these stored at. Final price drop $1700 for everything otherwise I’m going to cut em up for parts.
  5. Sold the green & white 2dr. Still have the 4dr & the 2dr body shell plus ton of parts.
  6. Selling 2 1955 Buick’s. 1-2dr hardtop special BODY ONLY NO FRAME & one Century 4dr riviera. All the cars are as seen in pics. The 2dr on the rotisserie does not have a frame. Have tons of extra parts for both cars & plus at least one extra set of doors, extra fenders & hoods. Crate of trim & engine parts The lone body has rust in the front of the quarters & rockers, floors look good. 4dr is in good shape, floors feel solid & no major rust, motor/trans is out of the car & I have a hood, new grille & bumper for it. Seats could probably be cleaned up to driver quality. Has some dings here & there that you would expect for a 64 year old car. I can email more pictures if you PM an email address. Located in Sonora, Ca $1700 for all of it
  7. Hood, 4dr hardtop doors & trunklid all trim holes/door handles shaved on all parts. Hood- $100 Doors- $100 for all of them Trunk- $50 Also have the rear cut just behind the wheel wells for use as a couch. Comes with bumper & taillights. $250 Send me a private message if interested in anything.
  8. Cleaning up the yard. Hate to say it but some parts are already in the scrap trailer (don’t worry, they’re pretty rough). Here’s a general rundown of what I have: 40/60 series: 2- hoods. One has some front end damage. Both not bent. 2dr hardtop doors (manual)$200/pr 4dr hardtop doors (power)$200/all 1- back bumper core no guards $50 1-grille & bottom chrome piece pitted $50 2-dash caps $10/ea 1- trunk-lid $50 1-steering column w/wheel (manual) $50 aircleaner-4bbl $20 2-wcfb parts carbs-free 2-radiators, 1-fan shroud, 2-fans & 2-core supports (not taco’d either!) 2- 2dr hardtop rear window regulators & glass $50/pr 2- radiator top bars $20/ea 2-lower splash pan $20 1- upper hood latch sheet metal piece $20 3-sets cowl trim around the wipers $50/set 2- sets taillights (pitted) $50/pr 1-trunk bar pitted $20 1- grille bar $40 1-pair of B-pillar plastics from 4dr hardtop. One has small crack around a screw hole $40/pr -2dr rear seat springs $40 - big pile of misc trim from both cars 2dr hardtop & 4dr hardtop -bumper brackets (not sure if complete set or not) MAKE OFFERS. Even better prices if you buy multiple items.
  9. Parted out a 57 Imperial a while back & still have some parts left. Some trim, both bumpers, front fenders, core support, hood, quarter panels. Trim is pitted from the cars life out on the coast. Quarters have rust in rear window area. Located in Sonora, CA PM me for pics/proces on anything. Going cheap to make room
  10. Parts left from cars I've parted out over the years. 1962 4dr hardtop- Just some small trim trim/dash pieces left & a trunk. 1964 4dr sedan- Still complete, has a 307 Olds/TH400 trans ? Will, sell complete, but theres no paperwork on the car. 1965- trim, front fenders (rust down low), a/c components All parts located in Sonora, CA. PM me for pics/prices on anything, going cheap to make room.
  11. Parted out 3 55's one 2dr Century, one 4dr hardtop Century & one 4dr sedan Super. Have lots of parts off all of them left. Need to clean house hate to throw anything away, but its starting to take up a lot of room. PM me with your requests & i will let you know if I have it & get you a picture & price if I do. All parts are located in Sonora, CA Things that I know are gone: 2dr front seat both Century Dash's 4dr century front seat. both engine/trans from the Century's
  12. I have an old 36 White Dumptruck. Was used soley on a farm for hauling stuff & they removed the doors long ago & Im guessing threw them away. Would like to get some doors on it so I can get it back on the road.