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  1. A friend of mine called and said to tell you he has one that he will send to you in exchange for a new Craftsman socket of the same size (with a thicker wall) You can call him at 717-624-2695. ask for Cleason
  2. Steve I might have what you are looking for. Email me ( or call 717-794-2203. I have a 71 now and a 72-3 available. Garry
  3. I have a friend who is interested in whole car. He can be reached at 717-624-2695 or email him your phone # to and time to call. Name is Cleason. Thanks............Garry
  4. Contact Cleason at He has a complete 4 spd. setup. Garry
  5. Do you have a good touch screen and,if so, what do you want for it?
  6. TTT <img src="" alt="" />
  7. TTT <img src="" alt="" />
  8. DugsSin Send me your email address and I will tell you what all I have for a 65. Garry
  9. 4 door Electra 225. Almost perfect green Brocade interior. Seats have no tears and door panels are excellant. Dash is also excellant. Body panels are all solid. Steering wheel is perfect. Bumpers are straight and driver condition. I am going to pull running gear soon and then what is not sold will be scrapped, so make your inquires soon. Email with needs and I will respond ASAP with cond. and price.
  10. Posting for a friend. He has 3 62 Skylarks for sale. One hardtop for $300.00. Also 2 convertibles. One is a parts car, the other is very restorable. Contact Cleason for prices on these. Near Gettysburg Pa. Email: or call 717-624-2695
  11. Everything but engines available. Bringing wagon home this weekend. Email me with needs and I will let you know if available, condition and price. Located in south central Pa.
  12. Call me at 717-794-2203 (Pa) or post your phone number.
  13. All parts available except engine and transmission. Will be going to the scrap yard in about a week,so, if you need anything let me know now. Located near Gettysburg, Pa. 717-794-2203 or Might deliver big items to Carlisle or Hershey or a short drive for you to pickup.
  14. How much for the manifold and carb.?<P>email me at<P>Thanks
  15. I would have to weigh in with Sean on this one. It has been my experience, also, that the 65-67 300 heads will interchange. I might add that Sean is probably as much of a "300" expert as any Buick lover as attested to by his 12.72 and his accumulated knowledge since I last spoke with him at the Columbus Nationals where he "only" had that 64 "300" running in the low 13 range and has since dropped it into the 12s.<P>Garry<p>[ 07-10-2002: Message edited by: gford ]