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  1. Thanks so much, for all of the advice. Ordered 2 corks,from Bob’s. And a sock filter from Jegs. Still PB soaking, and working on getting both gears moving. Using a feeler gage to push/dislodge the rust. Working up to getting emory sheet in there. There is at least a pint of rust chunks/powder in tank. Soaking and cleaning the tank, while looking for a replacement. I am that much closer to ‘Beep, Beep” !!
  2. Great news, there is slight movement, from a gear ,yeh ! Watched some videos, on how they are to work. If replacing the corks, how will I know if a different type of float will work the same ? Actually the bag looks/feels of plastic.
  3. Thank you, I would definitely need to replace both corks,and filter bag. Gears are rusted together, will wire brush , maybe Swiss files , to see if I can get things moving. No bends, nor visible holes, will do a light pressure test when clean, to ck for pin holes. Are there any cautions, that I should be aware of ? Have volt meter, but unsure as to what to meter ? 0-3- ohms, is the requirement, I believe.
  4. This is great info, thank you all. Have our ‘37 Pontiac Sedan fuel sending unit. It’s frozen, and am finding it difficult to find a suitable replacement. You mentioned following you on post #344 ? But for an hour ,now I can’t figure out how to find that post, or any numbering system for the post. I am very interested in rebuilding the ori sending unit. Thank you for any help in this matter. Ginger
  5. Thank you all , I did call Kurt. Received it in a couple days. Ready to install on the car tomorrow . That’s one step closer to “beep beep “.
  6. Need to rebuild my fuel pump, coming across ‘double ‘ pumps. I don’t understand. Any help would be appreciated !
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