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  1. I like it Mark! "Good luck, but King Seeley has been joked about as much as his first born son Lucas, known as the prince of darkness - even Ed has stated that’s why our friends across the pond drink warm beer, Lucas made their refrigerators!"
  2. I just spoke to Curt. He still has plenty of fluid so I'll be buying a couple of bottles from him Thanks All, Glenn
  3. Manometer fluid doesn't have a high enough specific gravity. The specific gravity should be around 2.95 or around four times more than gasoline. Glenn
  4. Thanks for the responses and link. Most of the Ford parts suppliers no longer sell the fluid due to the concerns about shipping but the big issue is that all reported instances of using new non stock fluid is that it fades rapidly. This is the reason for my query to Curti. Glenn
  5. Hi, I'm new to this forum and came across it during my search for King Seeley red gauge fluid. I would like to buy some for my 1932 Ford roadster. fuel gauge. I couldn't send a PM to Curti due to insufficient posts here. I hope that he responds. Thanks, Glenn
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