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  1. Yeah I also have a 57 d200 on s10 chassis that needs finishing with fabrication work . a 58 chevy 3800 dumpbed. And many newer ones. I could tell Jacob had the gift/car sickness like I do but more advanced at 3 than I was at 15. He wanted to grow up and work on cars like his daddy.
  2. Would you sell me the seat ?? I have whats left of the springs I can give as a core. 218 402 0341 Virgil thank you either way.
  3. My beautiful motorhead son who was following in his carnut father's footsteps and completly dominating it and surpassing my skills as a child even. Love you son Jacob Riley Haataja 12-13-06 to 3-28-21 wish I could trade places!
  4. I would love to see pics as I just bought a 35 binder as well .. I need to find info on rebuilding wood in doors and body . I'm from wadena MN text me at 218 402 0341 if have any parts or info I need. I just bought a interior panel kit outta canada for 360$ that could be copied by tracing.. Lol. I located glass for 215$ for 3 windows I'm missing. I need a lr fender or pieces of 1 to rebuild my rusty original. Thanks for any help.. Just lost our 14 year old son Jacob last weekend and I was planning and buying/ stocking up last 14 years for father/son projects back 2 back till he was
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