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  1. Hi gary Congratulation !!! great sound and look, Thanks for share, I will wait new videos.. Regards Pacho
  2. Hi Gary, After rebuild your engine. Did you check the compression ratio? Thanks
  3. Excellent! Congratulation for the job. I am waiting for the carbs tunning. Please share a video. Regards Pacho
  4. Hi Jon, Thanks for your comments and advisor, they are very appreciated. I am considering use Carter W1 in my Pontiac. I have some doubts about your Friday´s post: when you said: “Your 250 CID with the individual manifolds as you have pictured would require approximately 145 CFM per thousand RPM at 100 percent V.E.; thus 129 times 4 is 516 CFM, so the carbs should easily be good for 3600 RPM with no restriction and would be perfectly happy with a bit of performance loss at a 1000 RPM above. Hope you post a video after you fire the engine!" If I use apply formule: 250X 1000 / 3456 = 72. I can not see 145 Sorry, repeat I am not carb expert. I will open a new post, for my carburator doubts Thanks for your support Thanks and regards
  5. Hi Gary Thanks for your comments and explanations, very clear. You are right, the Pontiac 8 had Carter W1. I am not sure yet what kind of carburation system I will use, I have 2 possibilities: Option 1: Only one manifold intake and the 4 carb mount, solid linkage, not progressive. All works together. I will have to select the carb with cfm minor to cfm to W1, I think so. Option 2: One carburator for two cylinder, like yours (I prefer this) In option 2, I do not know very well (I am not carburator expert), which is the cfm correct to select the size of the carb. I think you will have a high idle. I suppose… What do you think about it? Thanks and Regards Pacho
  6. Hi Gary, this is my first post here. I really enjoy to read your restauration process. I am plannig to make a indy car but with pontiac engine 8 (1939). I would like to know wich carburators do you use, diameter of thoat and cfm. Thanks in advance and congratulations. Please could you share a engine running video? Regards and happy easter Pacho
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