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  1. Thank you supercargirl ! This gives me a new energy for the search 😁 I'm going to Google the ford forums in new Jersey. I tried the city of woodbridge and mustang fanclubs but nobody heard about the ford dealership or the car. But I didn't try the forums and I see there is a lot. The VIN is a dead end because it looks like the car is too old. But I didn't try the "official" research form from the state of nj. Actually I found out the previous owners in France but the last one, the one who stored the garage closed years ago.
  2. Thanks a lot Craig for your reply ! This cougar is beautiful. You are right about the bright yellow. I didn't mention it but the car was originaly red and painted in yellow when it was fully restored in France during the 90's. But what you said about fleet cars is interresting to me. I didn't realise before that the car was probably ordered as a compagny car by some business in the woodbridge area. I will try a search in that direction. Next I will have to find out why a former compagny car was send to Europe ? My guest is that the car was in France for a long time, maybe since the 70's
  3. Also, I know it's a very long shot but I'm looking every 67 mustang "owner guide" on sell on e bay on casse I would find "mine", because I don't have it. An other question : do you know if there is a way to have informations from the registration service of the state of nj for such an old car ? All searches with VIN number aborted...
  4. Thanks a lot for your reply ! Actually I have identified the 5 previous owners back to the 90's (and talked to them) when the car was found rusting in a barn with a ... Mazda engine on it ! Fortunately the V8 was stored with the car and reassembled during a full restoration of the car, wich was almost rebuild. The problem is nobody remembers the name of the guy who put the Mazda engine and who was already old at the time. I lost trace at that point. That's the reason why I restarted from the other side of the story (and of the atlantic ocean) with the Marty report that leads me to woodbridge m
  5. Hi supercargirl, I'm interrested in what you said because I just posted a topic yesterday about my research of the history of my car, a 67 convertible Mustang sold in Woodbridge NJ in Dec 66 and "rediscovered" in France in the 90's rusting in a barn. Inbetween I know nothink. Do you think you could advice me or do a research for me about the "american history" of my car ? Here attached postcards of the Ford dealership where the car was first sold. That's my starting point for know !
  6. Hello, I'm french and the proud owner of a 1967 convertible mustang. Always happy to drive on the country roads with my car, especially with the sun now ! For years, I'm trying to find out the history of my car, just for the fun of it ... you probably know what I mean. I trace the car up to the 1990's when it was found rusting in a french barn with a mazda motor (OMG!) instead of the V8 that was stocked near the car. I also know that the car was build in Metuchen Ford plant in Nov 1966 and sold the following month by "Woodbridge motors", woodbridge ,nj. In between I don't
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