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  1. Guys,So I recently purchased a 29' International S26 with the Lycoming 4SL engine.I have seen numerous threads about the issues with the oil pump on the 4 cylinder models,and am wondering if the 6 cylinder models have the same issues?If so,does anyone have a fix/remedy?I've seen some older posts that guys in Australia had a fix,but that seems to have dried up.Any advice is appreciated.Thanks,Ernie.
  2. Guys,Recently picked one of these up,and have read numerous issues with the oil pumps on the 4 cylinder Lycoming engines from this period.Was this also an issue with the 6 cylinder engines which is what I have in my S-26?If so,does anyone have a current retrofit available,as it seems the links I have found are from years ago.Thanks in advance,Ernie.
  3. Can anyone tell me if the Lycoming 4SL engines,such as in my 29' International S-26 have the same issues with the oil pumps?Thanks,Ernie.
  4. Paul,Not sure how old this post is,but if you still have the pistons/valves from Egge,I would be interested in purchasing them from you.Please let me know either way & thanks,Ernie.
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