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  1. thank you all! the mains bearings are inserts. they are a very heavy wall brass shell with babbitt overlay. The shells are 0.188" thick including 0.025" babbitt layer. they have the original IHC part numbers stamped on them along with the IHC logo, Federal Mogul logo, Detroit USA and the -020 undersize. I have an original parts book for this 4SL engine and find that the numbers on the bearing shells match those listed in the parts book. The book indicates STD as well as the -020. I dont know where to turn for help. I will contact Lester Harris for help. Can you provide contact info?
  2. Hello everyone. I have a 1928 IHC truck that runs the Lycoming 4SL, 6-cyl engine. Grandfather bought it new and handed it down to me in 1966. Has always run and drove great, but it is time for main bearings. Hoping someone amongst you can help me locate a set of these. I can provide the factory IHC part numbers. Regards Bill
  3. I have a 1928 IHC model 26 truck with Lycoming model 4SL engine. Grandfather bought it new and handed it down to me in 1966. It runs and drives great, however it is time to renew the crankshaft main bearing shells. I have an original engine parts book for this engine which lists the original part numbers for the bearings needed. The part numbers it shows match the numbers stamped onto the backs of the bearing shells removed from the engine. These main bearings are labeled -020 (.020" undersized) which agrees with the parts book. The upper shells all look fine, it is the lower
  4. Hello everyone I am trying to find standard size main bearing inserts for my 1928 IH model 26 truck with 4SL Lyc engine and hoped you might be able to guide me toward a supplier Thanks Bill.
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