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  1. Good point on posting the data from Bring-a-Trailer, the car has some very minor issues (cosmetically) from the 2018 sale in my opinion. If none of that has been repaired I can't imagine the price increase. Maybe they saw the one in Germany selling for that kind of money? The auction winner from 2018 seemed very excited to win the car based on the comments, I know things change. I really like this wagon, low-mid 20's would put me in it if they would dare come back down to reality.
  2. To breath life into this post I came across this for the same car. Does the current version of this car look any different than the Bring a Trailer version of this car to warrant a double in the sold price from 2018? https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1956-desoto-firedome/
  3. If it didn't have this bubbling I would have been more interested in dipping my toe in. I'm not fixed to buying local, in 2015 I bought a 2013 Lincoln MKT in Texas, so I'm willing to look anywhere.
  4. I was more concerned about these as there were several spots like this. I wasn't sure if this was result of a bad prep and repaint 20+ years ago or something more exciting. Adam, the trim was pretty beat on this car in some spots also, is that in your wheelhouse of "service".
  5. What I saw was a good sized hole, probably golf ball sized. I think once someone starts to dig at it, it will be bigger. The rest of the floor looked pretty solid, but I'm no seasoned expert. This is looking rearward from passenger door, orientation could be off but it was rear passenger side.
  6. I got my head underneath to look around, it’s super close with the size of my bean but I was able to see it.
  7. I told him today I was good and wished him luck in selling it. He did ask why and I explained what my thoughts/concerns were and he was appreciative of the input. I explained that I was looking for a nice drivers car, not a show competitor, and I didn't want to start with a bunch of work first before I could even reliably drive it around town.
  8. If I were looking for a wagon I would go the 4dr route. I had a 70 Mark III as a winter car in my 20's, that was an interesting decision LOL, and have always had a soft spot for coupes. Sedans are beautiful cars so don't get me wrong, just two too many doors for me right now. I'll be 49 this year.
  9. That's a really good looking sedan, I wish I didn't want a coupe so bad as there are a couple sedans out there.
  10. He was forthcoming on the car and answered every question I had. I believe he picked a number and is willing to go down from there. He doesn’t feel this is a retirement fund as he actually wants to build a 70’s Chevy truck. He also said I wouldn’t insult him if I gave him a number. Just would have made me feel better if he spent some time driving it. Letting an old car just sit is the worst. If I were going to offer him something I think I would be around 16k knowing what I know now. It’s still the style of car I want just wish it was a little better kept. If it didn’t have bubbles in the pain
  11. Well I'm back at the house with no 1957 Buick in tow. This car has been sitting for several years and he said in total he put less than 5k miles on it. Since he has owned it he has had the radiator repaired and a couple small things. Still has the bias ply tires that were on it when he bought it. There are several things that the car needs. There is a rust hole in the rear floor, passenger side, not super huge. There was some bubbling under the paint in a couple spots but it didn't feel soft. The rear quarter panel, in front of the tire (when tapped on) sounded solid both sides, but if it were
  12. I want to see what the coolant and trans fluid look like. I’m going to look at floors, toe area and bottom of the doors. It’s garage kept so hopefully I can see the floor to tell if there are major leaks, granted most cars this age leak at least something don’t they? Lol. I have a illuminated scope for my phone so I’m hopeful to look in areas you can’t normally see. I’m looking for water leaks around the rear Windows and how the seals on the Windows in the doors are and how well they shut. I’ve driven two speeds but never a Dynaflow so hopefully I’ll be able to notice anything unusual. Interes
  13. I’m going to look at this car tomorrow. I’m new to purchasing an old car but been around them for decades at shows and friends who own. What problem areas should I look for on this Buick? Thanks for the assistance
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