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  1. This is very helpful 55 .... Thanks !! Dan
  2. I realize this is a VERY old post but thought I would revitalize it after I read Skyking’s post ... Actually the answer is sorta within his monicker . I also was in Daytona in the 80-90’s and bought a place out in a community called Spruce Creek Flyin ..... who needs a garage when you can have a hanger ?? LOTS of room AND you have a test track right out back . I also had a golf course and good or bad John Travolta as a neighbor. Dan
  3. I am looking for a radio for my 1964 Bel Air ( w/out AC ? ) This the starting point . I am not sure what cars / trucks that may have used the same unit , but I guess that 61-64 Impala ... Bel Air ... Biscayne were the same ? I am not sure why but the stem hole for the tune dial is bigger and I have seen radios with a bigger “ring/ circle “ on the right side . I am not anal on originality on THIS car because I got it to have fun like a $50 car I had as a teenager . Thanks Dan
  4. I seems to me I was a member here years ago but could find no evidence on 10 years off old phones/ computer. I did find an old aaca password on a scrap piece of paper that didn’t work . Anyway I added some info and was wondering if there was a way to search for a specific part / parts ? Thank you Dan
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