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  1. Just keeping the thread alive in case anyone is interested. I still have it, and am offering at $2000. Any interest from anyone in the community, or am I chasing my tail?
  2. After a nice visit from Garnet & Gold (thanks Bob!), and another person expressing a bit of interest, I feel comfortable sharing the pricing with everyone. As I want this to go to a good new owner who will do right by the car, not a flipper, I am offering the car at what I paid for it 2 years ago, which is $2000. As such, with the parts included, and the hardtop carrier which I purchased, is actually not making me anything, I will take away the joy I had in the time I did spend behind the wheel. I would prefer this to not end up a parts car if possible, and have been assured that this car, as it runs and drives now and is in relatively good shape, is not a parts car candidate but rather a good project for someone with more skill or money for mechanics than I have. Now, for a full rundown of the negatives: -Brakes were converted to regular power brakes from a Le Baron or similar. I don't know who did the conversion or what skill they had. As the brakes seem to be the real issue, with bad pedal feel and left front caliper not working, I don't know how much work would be needed to make it right. Probably less than I fear, but not an amateur/first timer job. -Missing a light on the passenger door. -Trunk release in glovebox not operating. -Fuel filler release in cabin not working. -Reverse lights not working. -CHMSL not working. -Odometer stopped working last drive. -Gauges work, but gas gauge will stop working off and on. -Radio - with CD player - does not work. Lights up, but nothing but static and you can't change functions with the buttons. -Power top motor not working. -A few minor trim items missing from around the soft top by rear windows. -Small chip in passenger headlight. -Porthole has cracked glass on one side. -Tires are old and dry rot is evident. -Lugs - likely not original - seem to have fused to the studs on some of them. Not all, and I replaced those I could loosen and replace. -Air conditioner works, but the vent is stuck on defrost/lower vent only setting, likely due to vacuum line issue. -Passenger seat electronics do not operate. -Console has bodged repair to leather and the panel with switches has been broken loose from the screws that hold it in securely. Now, the good: -No real body damage or rust. One smaller issue near drivers side tail light, and one trim piece put back on with screws by previous owner. But all trim and stainless seems to be there. -All glass there and no issues, save porthole issue mentioned above. -Engine works well, no smoke at startup. Idles and runs well. -Transmission works well. Goes in and out of gear well, no oddities noted when driving. -Replaced radiator and alternator. Not sure when, work done by previous owner but both seem to be of good quality. -Soft top in good shape, hard top in good repair, headliner in great shape. J hooks are not rusted. From what I have been told, all the parts that may be needed for a full restoration are available, and this would be a good candidate for such a project. If I haven't scared you away, feel free to contact me. The car is titled, tagged, and insured, so I am not in any real hurry to dispose of it, but it is time. Thanks for reading, and happy motoring!
  3. I purposely have not put in a price, because I kind of want to have some tire kickers respond. I already have one person looking at the car after messaging me yesterday, so it may be a moot point after tomorrow. But for the record, it is not going to go for a high price, as it is not a perfect example. Along with the mentioned brake issue, the tires are old, the lugs seem to not want to come off the wheels, the interior is there but has issues, the radio does not work, nor the top drawdown motor, and a bunch of other little issues that my infatuation with the car allowed me to overlook when I bought it as a "project". As a barely running car, but not a wrecked parts car, I really am not totally sure what the market will bear, so the coyness on price is more to protect me than anything else.
  4. I forgot to add pictures. Hard top and carrier included, of co urse.
  5. I am finally throwing in the towel after realizing it has been 2 years and I have never got around to sorting out the issues on my 1991 White with black interior project. The car runs (well, it did until I let the battery go dead), and it sort of stops, but not well. Someone did the conversion from the antilock brakes, but the front left caliper does not work. I have a new one, plus rotor, and some other parts, but I figured out that I lack the skill and will to actually get the work done. As such, with the insurance renewal coming up, I have decided to let it go. I wanted to offer it here to anyone in the club who might be interested in it, but I really do not want to part it out. I am located in Ellenton Florida, just south of Tampa off I-75, so if you are interested, please let me know. I don't expect to make any money off the deal, but I am not going to give it away for free, either. Thanks for reading!
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