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  1. Just keeping the thread alive in case anyone is interested. I still have it, and am offering at $2000. Any interest from anyone in the community, or am I chasing my tail?
  2. After a nice visit from Garnet & Gold (thanks Bob!), and another person expressing a bit of interest, I feel comfortable sharing the pricing with everyone. As I want this to go to a good new owner who will do right by the car, not a flipper, I am offering the car at what I paid for it 2 years ago, which is $2000. As such, with the parts included, and the hardtop carrier which I purchased, is actually not making me anything, I will take away the joy I had in the time I did spend behind the wheel. I would prefer this to not end up a parts car if possible, and have been assured that this car,
  3. I purposely have not put in a price, because I kind of want to have some tire kickers respond. I already have one person looking at the car after messaging me yesterday, so it may be a moot point after tomorrow. But for the record, it is not going to go for a high price, as it is not a perfect example. Along with the mentioned brake issue, the tires are old, the lugs seem to not want to come off the wheels, the interior is there but has issues, the radio does not work, nor the top drawdown motor, and a bunch of other little issues that my infatuation with the car allowed me to overlook when I
  4. I forgot to add pictures. Hard top and carrier included, of co urse.
  5. I am finally throwing in the towel after realizing it has been 2 years and I have never got around to sorting out the issues on my 1991 White with black interior project. The car runs (well, it did until I let the battery go dead), and it sort of stops, but not well. Someone did the conversion from the antilock brakes, but the front left caliper does not work. I have a new one, plus rotor, and some other parts, but I figured out that I lack the skill and will to actually get the work done. As such, with the insurance renewal coming up, I have decided to let it go. I wanted to offer it here to
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