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  1. Im in charleston sc. and honestly I'm not sure. I have the matching ( that I know of) trans with it. Pistons look clean from what i can see. Id be happy to discuss your thoughts on value as id assume you more knowledgable about this era.
  2. .Thanks...it was advertised as a 1914. Took the tranny off last night started getting it clean. Looks like it could use a couple new shaft seals and possibly bearings but it spins well.
  3. Just about to get it off the truck post the numbers.. the leather looking belt is hilarious.
  4. Was told its a 1914 Buick? I haven't run the numbers yet as I'm literally otw home with it. Going to clean it up and spin it over . This Era is not my cup of tea. Anything I need to be mindful of thats different than a 50s 60s 70s motor while I clean it up?
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