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  1. 37 roadmaster, Bloo and Ben... Thanks for the advice guys.... Really great ideas. I've got the right thickness wires for the minor wiring to solenoid, switch, coil etc but I haven't changed up the main battery to starter cables. Again... I really appreciate the feedback guys. Love this forum 👍
  2. Hi team My new-to-me buick sat for 35 years before I picked her up. While working on my engine (original straight 😎 I was using 12 to turn it over and the starter worked fine, and ultimately the engine now runs. But now I've got the 6 volt battery, it just doesn't have enough ooomph to turn it over. It tries, but only just turns the cream very slowly. I know the starter works, I know the engine works. It was all original, including the starter so I assume it's all 6 volt. What am I missing?
  3. Thanks for the valuable info guys. Really appreciate it. Looking forward to giving her a bit of love but I'll need a lot of help from this forum. Cheers
  4. Thumb on the spark plug hole 🤣 (joking). My bad.. Yes compression whilst turning her over. And thanks for the welcome Ben.. I have much to learn about these buicks but I'm so excited to start working and bringing it back to life.
  5. Hi guys.. I'm picking up a 47 buick special this weekend and it was driven into a shed 35 years ago and parked. After cleaning out carburettor, checking valve movement, checking cylinder compression, electrical etc I'll want to turn her over and listen to the engine crank. I've got myself an old 6 volt battery but rather than continually cycle that old battery, I was wondering what impact it would have if I put 12 volt to the starter motor to turn her over. Thoughts and ideas? Cheers
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