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  1. Thanks, Paul! The air cleaner appears to be a spare so another little bonus along with the pilots. Now to buy the drum puller above! My car is a series 15/ 151
  2. Sorry for the delay posting had some family stuff to do. I have obviously figured out the jack,jack handle and lug wrench. It's the big silver wrench, two nut shaped hollow tubes and the round item on the right
  3. I received several tools with my 1931 but need to know what the puller looks like so If one is not there I can buy one.
  4. I'm a member just waiting on the membership packet to arrive. Thanks I will look him up and contact him!
  5. Thanks for the information! Now to find one! Or can someone point me to how to contact Mr. Manwell???
  6. These were available as an accessory . I have found a repro on eBay but it does not have the attachment clips so looking for one that does.
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