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  1. Thanks so much Moe. Let me know what you find out. My email address is drjoewest@icloud.com if you want to communicate by regular email.
  2. @maok, I just found your response and sent you a PM. I am still looking for the switch. Thanks so much!
  3. Hi Peter, Have you considered using Bring a Trailer? I have had amazing luck with them and other than the $99 fee to start the auction which you have to pay, the buyer pays BAT’s commission fees. You may wan to consider it. I have sold vehicles on eBay and they just take too much money for my liking. Joe
  4. Thanks Eric. The interior that was in the car was redone in Naugahyde and the wrong color. No matter what I did, the interior would never be original. Top material was replaced at the same time as the interior, and it was dry rotted. My new top was made from the original pattern, but is the wrong material although it looks close to correct. with respect to over restored, i want the car to look as correct as I can make it. I do all the work I can, and pay for work I cannot do myself. With respect to costs, money is not a factor. I will make this car as perfect as I can and the drive it until I drop. 🙂 Thanks so much for all your feedback Eric. I appreciate it. Joe
  5. By the way, the gentleman in the blue shirt in the background is the 93 year old who gave me the car.
  6. Good Afternoon, My Airstream has been at a small upholstery shop getting the interior put back to the original leather in the original burgundy (red) color. I visited it today to check out the work thus far and thought I would share some of the images I took.
  7. All, I found an NOS 1936 Chrysler Airstream headlight assembly that I will shortly take apart to figure what my headlights "should" look like. I thought I would share some images. This is an important find for me since my headlights were hacked apart at some point in their lives in order to install sealed beam headlights. Ugh.
  8. Hobby Colleagues, With the help of someone on this forum, I have determined that my speedometer is not correct for an overdrive Chrysler Airstream. It appears that my speedometer was replaced at some point and I need to find an original. The first picture below is of the speedometer I have which is non-overdrive The second picture below is of the correct overdrive speedometer that I am looking for.
  9. Hi All, I found this on eBay for $5.00, thought someone might be interested: https://www.ebay.com/itm/402787958199?ul_noapp=true Joe
  10. Yellow with a blue interior... hmmmmm. I hope the outside was repainted; that color combination is not particularly attractive in my opinion. Other than the color combination, that is an amazing car... rolling art in my opinion. Joe
  11. Thanks Eric. The bumper brackets have the holes for the steamer trunk and I have been looking for the trunk and brackets to no avail. This said, I did not know that the steamer trunk required a different bumper. I assumed that there was only one bumper for my car and mine was correct. Now that I look at my bumper, it definitely looks odd being rounded, especially after looking at the flat bumper. Joe
  12. Hmmmmm.... this car on BAT appears to have the same curved rear bumper as mine: 1936 Chrysler Dual Side Mount Airstream on BAT Maybe my bumper is correct.
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