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  1. Hey Lump, I’m glad that info was useful. Here’s the answers you asked for: Question 1: I haven’t used quotes except to search for an exact phrase with one or more spaces in it. It doesn’t help emphasize words within a search. Question 2: In a comma-separated list, there is no need for a space after each comma. Some of my searches have so many things to include or exclude, they end up so long that I’m hitting the limit for how long a saved search can be! So leaving the spaces off saves on length. And yeah, eBay will recognize the comma or parethesis as a separation
  2. Thanks BearsFan315, that sounds like a solution that covers nearly every item I’m looking for, with bonus points that I’m already familiar with the software. I hadn’t thought of the feature to send a map planned on a computer to my phone, but that’s perfect! I do wonder if anyone will ever come out with a sort of “touring” or “antique car” mode for a navigation app, but this will do in the meantime. -Steven
  3. I agree with your frustrations, and it does take some work to get around those issues. I’ve had a lot of success using special characters in long searches, and saving the search. I’ll try to describe it for any computer skill level. My saved searches usually are a series of sets of parentheses. eBay only shows listings that fit the conditions in EVERY set of parentheses; if it doesn’t match just one, I’ll never see it (which is usually good!). For example, I use this to look for Auto-Lite parts for my bus: (autolite,auto lite,auto-lite,prestolite,presto-lite,pres
  4. I’m looking for suggestions of a GPS navigator app with some features friendly to classic or antique cars. I’ve tried a couple Internet searches, but I don’t see many app websites or list articles relevant to my search. Some features I’d like are: - The app MUST have the ability to manually place waypoints or customize the route. The standard Google and Apple map apps lack this. Especially since my classic is 30 feet long, there are certain very specific road features I’d like to detour around case-by-case, not with some algorithm that doesn’t understand my situation.
  5. I started a new tradition this year: decorating my Brill bus for the holidays. Lights, ornaments, and a retro-style bus stop sign rounded out this first year’s display. I took cues from both Trailways and Greyhound ads and signs of the 1940s and 50s for my sign. Their old ads are such wonderful works of art! I hope I can get near their level someday. -Steven
  6. I just cleaned up this spare interior builder’s nameplate after seeing a fellow bus fan with a Christmas tree covered in different bus builder’s badges. The badge is a little rough, but it cleaned up well and could be used as originally intended, if needed. But that’s not likely, my bus still has her original nameplate, plus I have a couple cleaner unrestored spares. Might as well enjoy this one! -Steven
  7. The forecast was right on here. Predictions said anything from 1-3 feet, and we got pretty much exactly 2. I had already cleared a little around the bus, not to take her anywhere, but to make the decorations visible. The storm made my Brill look like she was wearing a fluffy winter hat! -Steven
  8. I always enjoy reading updates on the Lombard and its history. Thanks Terry! The news on the ACF-Brill military coach is all about paint this fall. Knowing outdoor painting weather is nearly gone, I made the most of the past few warm spells to get a LOT of painting done. Everything from the windowsills up, plus the entire driver’s side, has been painted. It’ll need finish sanding and buffing, but I love the look! -Steven
  9. The pictured bus isn’t the exact one I’m restoring, but one of her 601 sisters. But if he rode one ACF-Brill military coach during his time in the Army, the King of Rock n’ Roll might very well have been on my bus, too! I’d like to know more of the stories of all the soldiers and their families that rode my bus, but so far I haven’t found much specific. Someday, I hope! -Steven
  10. Beautiful work! And I sympathize with the PA antique paperwork issues. There was a straight up clerk handwriting mistake on my antique registration, which took a while to fix. But considering the vehicle I registered as an antique had been a commercially inspected bus from 1951-2016, it’s certainly strange they would ask you for specifics on gross or unladen weight, when nobody asked me. Good luck, I hope the plate comes in time. Now your photos gave me the motivation to go check some more wiring on mine. Thanks for sharing! -Steven
  11. I’m also working on wiring. Lots and lots of wiring! I’m chasing a short in the gauge lights or sender circuits. And that means crawling underneath. It’s actually kinda nice under my bus, the ground clearance means I can even sit up in some places. I gave the old stateside Korea vet some subdued decoration, and the best occasion-appropriate message I could think of, for last Friday’s somber anniversary. Trying to draw block letters in pseudo-cursive was strange, but it got the feel I wanted. -Steven
  12. I could look for a different replacement, but I’d have to know more about this relay to do that. For instance, at what voltage does it trip and turn off the NOT GEN light? I’d prefer to learn more about the numbering of these different relays, so I can tell if the Cadillac part is the same relay, but repurposed. This listing I found on Delco-Remy’s website doesn’t say much, but does describe it as a “continuous duty” relay, though I’m not sure exactly what difference that makes. http://www.delcoremy.com/find-a-part/product-details/1116845
  13. My ‘51 ACF-Brill has a 12v relay from Delco-Remy. If I understand right, it’s supposed to close and send power to a dashboard “NOT GEN” warning light when the voltage from the generator armature drops below a certain level. There is a short circuit somewhere in this relay or its wiring, so I’m looking for a replacement. The Delco-Remy part number stamped on it is 845, or the longer form of the same number is 1116845. Here’s an edited bit of the wiring schematic showing both kinds of relay in my bus. The 845, on the right, is what I’m wondering about. My questi
  14. I’m curious too. Since the Red Diamonds (formerly called FBC engines) were production from ‘41 to ‘74, there were a couple incremental changes over the years. Here’s my 1951 RD-450. Lots of the accessories got changed over its service life, but it’s still original. If you find any good sources for new or old stock parts, I’d love to know about it. I’m always looking, and would gladly pass on any leads I find, if I ever get that lucky!
  15. Good luck with the Halloween goal! Personal deadlines like that always seem to work well for me. My project has an RD-450 also, it was a real pleasure to listen as yours make its lap around the block. -Steven
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