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  1. Thanks for the input everyone. Interesting to find out there are no tubes in these tires. My spare is a very old black wall tire that was completely flat. I've added air today and will watch it. Jim
  2. Have owned my 41 Buick for about a month. Trying to order new radial tires, but all Diamond Back 16" are unavailable at least until August they guess. Seem to remember reading an older thread on this site that Coker radials can be trouble. Does anyone have an updated opinion or know where I can likely get good tires now? See photo. Is this TUBED tire as bad as it looks and not to be driven? If opinions say it's ok for short trips, I could wait. Thanks, Jim
  3. Jim back again with an update. My leak is pretty bad. I wouldn't mind a few drops over time, but I'm getting one to two ounces over a couple of days. Back to calling my transmission repair service.
  4. With so many of you weighing in with the same advice, that's what I'll do. Thanks for the help. Jim
  5. Bob, Guess I jumped the gun with my "fixed". Yes, after a day of sitting, I saw drops of oil on the floor coming from somewhere behind the transmission. The drips are showing on a lower cross support, but can't see where they are coming from above that. Guess this sounds like a job for my transmission repair shop. I know my limitations. Jim
  6. Jim here... FIXED thanks to your help. I drained the transmission and hardly any oil came out (see photo) even when I returned the car to level and then jacked up the front too. Used recommended gear oil to fill. I assume, it is to be filled until it starts to back out of the upper side plug, right? Took about one quart. Went for a test drive and heard one little grind into third if I rushed into that gear. I gave the little pause as suggested by the last two posts and it's perfectly silent. Hooray. Thanks again, Jim
  7. Tom, Thanks for supplying the eBay numbers for those two motors. I did buy the one listed for $50 and with those reversible direction wires, how can I go wrong? It looks like the one in Matt Harwood photo above. This Forum is GREAT!!! Jim
  8. Jim here again. Going into first and second are fine. I don't rush into third, so there is something wrong. Guess changing the oil would be a good start. Thanks for the input.
  9. Question about shifting gears in my newly acquired 41 Buick model 46S. It grinds into third gear, sounds like a gear crunch, but is silent if I double clutch. I made an appointment with a transmission shop that specializes in antique cars but am now wondering if I am shifting correctly. Do I have to use the clutch at all going into third? I ask this because years ago I owned a 39 Studebaker and learned that clutch was only necessary for first and second gear. Thanks, Jim
  10. Thanks for the input. I should also mention, I already have one of this type filter near the gas tank and before the electric fuel pump that I installed. The instructions recommended putting one there. Seems like a good option would be to remove the one in the engine area. Thanks again. Jim
  11. I'm not much of a mechanic, but am trying to work out the bugs on my newly acquired '41 Buick Sedanette. This fuel line filter in the engine area appears to be installed backwards; notice arrow on the side of it in the photo pointing away from the carburetors. Is there some good reason for this that would be an exception to the rule? Should I switch it? Thanks for the guidance. Jim
  12. I did see a motor offered on eBay that seller says runs counter clockwise, but wasn't sure what I need. I'll ask the question, which direction for my '41 Buick? Now I have another simple question to ask on a new thread. Jim
  13. Matt, Can't thank you enough for the explanation and photo's. Haven't taken it apart yet, but did take a look on eBay and found a few possibilities for replacements. I'm no master mechanic, but think this will be easy enough with your guidance. Thanks again, Jim
  14. Getting to know my newly purchased 1941 Model 46S Buick. I think the defroster motor is dead, but want to be sure I diagnosed it correctly. Dash switch wasn't turning it "on", so I attached a wire to the one coming out of the defroster motor as seen in photo and ran it directly to the battery touching the positive side. I believe the car has a negative ground. Got nothing but a little spark. Would this prove it is dead? If yes, I'll probably have to remove the unit for servicing. It appears to be attached to the firewall and looks like I'll have to remove the nuts from the two long bolts one of which can be seen in photo #2 upper left. Correct? Lastly, does anyone have a recommendation for servicing? Thanks. Jim
  15. Filled each shock with hydraulic jack oil today. I would fill, recap, bounce car up and down a few times and then refill again. Took about an hour to do and used at least half a quart of oil. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! You guys are terrific. Saved me lots of time, effort and $$ Thanks for the help!!! Jim