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  1. Hello EmTee, I considered getting the emblem reprinted on a 3D system. However, the hunt is just as much fun as the capture. I love the cars you have listed in your collection.
  2. Hello Centurion. I live in Southern California now, and I participate in local car shows when I can. It is great to show the car because a lot of people are curious about the Buick A bodies, especially the 4 speed equipped ones.
  3. Hello Centurion, Thank you very much for the history of the Anderson Buick dealership. Here is a picture of the emblem that was on the car when I bought it in 1985--age 16. This picture is off a 64 Wildcat I saw on Craigslist. The emblem was removed when I had it painted and then lost after the car is was in storage for 13 years. I spend a lot of time on eBay looking for another. My car is a 1964 Skylark that I am currently restoring. There are some features of the car that make me believe it was used on the Anderson Boise showroom. For starters, the door switches for the interior lights have bypass switches that disable the feature, the doors can remain open without the lights draining the battery. Another feature, is the aftermarket Stewart Warner gauges date of June 1964 is one month from the car's build date of 3rd week of July 1964. The mag wheels are also first generation Rebels wheels, available in 1964. The car would be classified as a 1964 4-4-2 equivalent. It has the Wildcat 355 with aluminum heads, hi compression, and 4 barrel intake. It is backed by a 4 speed with the original GM installed Hurst shifter, and has the dual exhaust. I just replaced both of the stock rear exhaust hangers behind bumper after decades of decay so I know they have been there for a long time. The car also has a lot of features that your would not find on an up-scaled Skylark. (over the Special). No power brakes, no power steering, and no automatic transmission. All business with a scarce engine compartment. Combined, I believed Anderson Buick may have displayed this car as a performance variation to lure customers. This car was a time capsule when I found it in Caldwell, Idaho, sitting under a berry-staining tree on the canyon bluff. I will be using your photos to document the car. If you remember seeing this car during your days in Boise, please let me know so I can add you to its history. kind regards, Lebu
  4. Hello Centuruion, New to the forum. I found this old post about a dealership in Boise Idaho. Do you know anything about it? My car came from this dealership. Thanks in advance.
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