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  1. Looking really good, you are almost there
  2. Man this is really looking good, what beautiful finishes, all worth your efforts, congratulations almost there
  3. Mr. It is looking real good, I think that the Almendron might take second place
  4. Love the shoes, no one can say anything now. can’t wait to see the baby up and running
  5. The finish is really incredible, I understand it is going home tomorrow? Now comes the fun part putting all the pieces of the puzzle back. Great job.
  6. Elpidio the pictures are awesome what a finish, your man has done an outstanding job with the paint and needless to say the finish before painting was outstanding, got to make you very proud of all your hard work and patience with “ TOBY”
  7. Mr. Toby is getting it's own personality, it is looking goooood! can’t wait to see the finished product
  8. Wow looking better and better, you will have a difficult time choosing which to drive, heck that is a good problem.
  9. How is Toby coming along? Any thing new to report? would like to see any new improvements done lately
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