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  1. Jeff, That' right, in mid-1958 there was a 430/400hp option, 6v not 8v, 3 2-barrels on top. Very few made, estimates are 100-200 cars total. 1958 only. Much more common was the 1958 430/360hp 4-barrel, and it was, well, its been called the "Bulldozer" and I agree. Nearly the same for 1959. My dad also had a 1960 Merc, 430/310hp 2-barrel. I still remember riding in it. BIG. Not real fast though. Later on we had a 1958 Merc 430/360hp 4-barrel, HUGE difference. If you've been in a 1969-70 Ford 429/360hp Galaxie or Marauder, the early 430 Bulldozer is just about that strong - w
  2. Hope you found your answer! The 361/303hp Edsel came with either an Autolite 4100 carburetor, commonly called a "shoebox" carb cuz it fits in one, or a Holley 4bbl. The 4100 Autolite was used from 1958-1966 on almost every Ford v8 ever made. Just about any of them will run pretty decent on your 361. You don't really need the 1958-style unless you're going for all-original trophy meets. Any Autolite 4100 carb from a 352, 361, 390, 410, or 428 Ford will run pretty good on there. They are one of the best-loved carbs ever and very trouble-free once rebuilt with new float
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