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  1. My 1954 Buick special has no power to the car. The vacuum with on the carb was acting up and I accidentally shorted one of the wires to the carb when taking it off now all power is gone to the car. I checked all fuses under the dash and the only way I can get power is to jump across the terminals on the battery block which looking at the schematic is not correct. When jumping across the block power returns but the dome light turns on and off with the ignition switch and the starter relay on the fender rapidly clicks. Any idea I’m lost? thanks, maguire
  2. So ive replaced the brake switch twice the first one actually was frozen and the I replaced it with a Chinese one and it worked for a while and then kept the brake lights on so I went for a USA made NAPA Echlin one and it worked for a while but still stuck on. I’ve adjusted the throw on the rod and checked to make sure voltage wasn’t leaking to it. I’m at a total loss. Only thing I could think is that the brake fluid has junk in it and it’s gumming up the switches. The car sat for about 50 years when I found it and I replaced all the wheel cylinders, flex lines, etc. and rebuilt the master cylinder. Any ideas?
  3. Thank you so much but I got mine repaired by a local radiator shop. thanks, Maguire
  4. Mine has the input and output steel fittings almost completely rotted off but the rest of the cooler is perfect. I sent it to a radiator shop and the owner priced me about 200 bucks to replace them. I would still like to get one I know doesn’t have any rust issues scaring me of water getting in my transmission oil.
  5. Does anyone have a Harrison 8520994 53 N D dynaflow transmission cooler? Or is their any alternatives? The input and output on mine is rusted off. Thanks, Maguire
  6. Does anyone have a Harrison 8520994 53 N D oil cooler for a 1953 Buick Super? Thanks, Maguire
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