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    1923 Franklin distributor or parts it has a Atwater-kent type R A Or a rebuilder that rebuild mine
  2. 1965cuda


    looking for 1923 Franklin distributor bushings , shaft, points,condenser or a rebuilt distributor
  3. This is an update on Citicar tripping the circuit breaker. we replaced the 3 gauge wire with 2/0 wire from Battery Cables USA. Found a 300 amp fuse and holder at Napa. The runs better than I have ever seen. A big thank you to all that helped! ! 1
  4. I have 2/0 cables coming from Batterycablesusa and have found a 300 amp fuse assembly for the Citicar. With all the work and testing that has been done along with the info from Ron Green, I think I am going to fix this car. Thanks.
  5. I have a 1975 Citicar that trips the 150amp circuit breaker. The motor was gone through by a reputable company, new batteries, battery cables are clean. the car has all three speeds for about 100 feet. seems to have plenty of power. all wires and connections appear normal. my amp clamp shows over 250 amps just before the breaker trips. I hope someone has an idea. Thanks
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