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  1. Hugh, Larry and Terry, RM Auctions agreed with our analysis of the chassis and engine numbers and that Lot 253 was not a 25S model as it was proported to be. They have agreed to void the sale. I can't thank you enough for your help! Again I am so glad I joined BCA and made that post. Sincerely, Carl
  2. Hugh, Larry, and Terry, et. al., Thanks. Looks like Lot 253 is really a 1925 Model 25 and NOT a 1925 Model 25S. I have passed this info to RM Sothebys and now we will see if they really stand behind their “Twenty Day Window for Rescission of Sale Due to Material Misrepresentation” as clearly this Lot was misrepresented. Cheers, Carl
  3. Based on the Chassis numbers of Larry and Hugh's cars shown above is it likely this car is a 1925 25 and not a 25S as advertised and certified?
  4. Hugh and Larry, I just got the Chassis number off the car from Reliable where it is stored in NJ pending delivery. It was as you said re location and easy to find and read: # 1,284,720. This number falls outside chassis numbers given for 1925 Standard 25 S Sport Touring of 1,273,000 to 1,273,605 w additional number of 1, 283,751. Even if you add in 46 more numbers to get to 651 25 S models (i.e., 1,273,651) it still falls outside that range. Do we know what Chassis #1,284,720 was born as? Thanks, Carl
  5. All, Thank you. I did get a call from RM Auctions on Thursday while out of the country and just returned the call today. Looking at Auction Site photos again it is clear that the number listed as the VIN by RM Auctions and the Certificate of Validity by Merrick Museum (See above) is the engine number : 1,319,522 as one of the photos shows the tag on the engine where it should be. I called my Reliable Carrier POCs and asked if someone could look for the Chassis number. However just got voice mail so likely car is on the way to me for delivery Today through Thursday. I think you would agree
  6. Thank you Hugh. This does sound like the salient point. I will ask Reliable to look for the chassis number. When I get that we have the information to say yes or no it is a 25S correct?
  7. The only number I have is the VIN provided earlier (above) that BCA thinks is an Engine number (if it is engine number it does not fit in 1925 range listed above) but that is probably not definitive enough as engine could have been changed out. As the car has not been delivered yet I can get no other numbers. Sounds like you are saying I have to take delivery of the car, find the chassis number and compare it to list above? How about dibarlaw saying At the display tent I did measure the WB and it was 114" Did not someone say a true 25S would have a 120" wheel Base? Thanks, Car
  8. All, Thanks. I have submitted the following to RM Auctions. No response. Please let me know if I got my facts wrong any where. I have not added part about the tag having the S stamped-in/added later, but will. Anything else I should point out? Cheers, Carl From: Carl Carlson Sent: Thursday, October 17, 2019 10:27 AM To: 'owalker@rmsothebys.com' <owalker@rmsothebys.com> Cc: 'legal@rmsothebys.com' <legal@rmsothebys.com>; 'Karen C' <carlsonkt7@gmail.com> Subject: FW: Authenticity Concern Hershey RM Auctions Lot 253 Bidder 5501 Olivia, I
  9. All, Great info, especially info on radiator and wheel size, etc. I will use this info to invalidate the sale if at all possible. I do not have car yet as delvery scheduled for bext week and I have sent you all documents and photos I have. If RM Auctions and Merrick's Certificate VIN is really an engine number does it give a date that might help make the case? Again, thanks to everyone! Please send any thing else that helps. No response from RM Sotheby's yet. Cheers, Carl
  10. Thank Hugh, Good info re-tag on Firewall and I will use it! Please see link and pictures I posted above (again sorry for pictures 90 off). I have attached Merrick Museum's "Verification Certificate that came with car and was on the seat. Thanks again for the help... Cheers, Carl
  11. Hugh, Thanks. The RM Auctions Cataloge, on-line listing and auctioneer plus a Certificate of Validity from Merrick Auto Museum listed Lot 253 as a 1925 Buick 25S Standard Six Sport Touring automobile w VIN 1319522. I attached pictures and the link to the RM Auction listing, but car does not have room for a trunk in the rear between the 2 x spare tires and the body so I do not think it is a Master Model 55. Unfortunately I was not able to measure wheel base but car is a little less than 15 feet long. The auction (picture showing Auction Lot label on wind-shield), lead dibarlaw to state that
  12. All, This is the car I bought Thursday night. I have informed RM Auctions of my concerns that this is not an authentic car as represented per their "Twenty Day Window for Rescission of Sale due to Material Misrepresentation" clause. I would never have bought the car had I know this was a "tribute" car as both RM Auctions and the Merrick Museum "Verification Certificate" indicate it is an authentic 1925 Buick Model 25S Standard Six Sport Touring car. Please let me know what you saw that indicates this car is not authentic and is a "tribute" car. Any Pictures, descriptions, etc.
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