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  1. I don’t know how I got that original carburetor number as wrong as I did. The number seems to be 46210146. I don’t know how I got that number As incorrect as what I previously posted, the correct number seems to be 46210146 and it is all brass
  2. Per our discussion, here is the one I just came across
  3. For now it is man cave decoration. Just was curious. Thank you
  4. So is it safe to say that this carburetor is from the mid teens and would have been on multiple cars?
  5. Thank you for the responses, I was at a complete loss and was finding no data to figure out its origin
  6. I have a holly brothers carburetor that appears to be solid brass. The only number I can find appears to be stamped 621DL46 or possibly 146. Any help is greatly appreciated. I understand that the gentleman who’s estate I bought this from collected Locomobile’s, Packards and had a Ford model K. Thank you for your assistance
  7. I came across your post because I bought a steering column gearbox and complete wooden wheel and I have C18358 steering box. I bought it because the steering wheel is completely wood even the spokes
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