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  1. Here is a pic of the L F wheel and it looks like all the other wheels. I checked the title again and it reads date of Mfg. 08-28-1927 ser number 1995100 if that helps identify what it is and what year model it is. I'm sure Davenc knows a lot more about these cars than I do so it could very well be a 1928.
  2. I can get a pic of the brakes if you would like some. The car does roll very easy. When we were pulling it out of the barn we put it in gear and the engine did turn. The wood spokes look to be in good condition and usable as they are. I can attach more pic's with EMail Address. Jim
  3. Here is a Buick that was running when parked according to the family of deceased owner. It looks ruff but it is not rusted out and almost all the wood is still good. I do not have the rims or any tires and it is missing the lower rear seat cushion plus a few other small items. It does have a clean 1969 Ca. Title signed off properly. It rolls freely and the engine turns over. Did not try to start. Please use E Mail if interested. jimegribben@gmail.com for more pic or 661 345 7493 Car is in Bakersfield Ca. $ 2,500.00.
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