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  1. The car is in the Dallas Texas area. I can be contacted at billxtremesw@gmail.com . Thanks
  2. Ive got a set Id sell. Make offer for all four.
  3. Well, does anybody need these parts? Id let them go!
  4. I bought this for the hoodfront, axle, and steering box. Does anybody need the other parts? Let me know what you need! Lots of stuff left! No engine or transmission.
  5. Thank you Edinmass. Can you read these numbers? Looks like 3238L12.
  6. I found a few numbers on the rear end. Are these what I'm looking for? Btw Alsancle, you car is amazing! I have spent alot of time reading your restoration page. You work is top notch.
  7. 1 in 50... Worth a shot! I'll check when I get home. I probably won't scrap it. Couldn't say "I own a Stutz" if I did that. It'll just stay a fancy Farm trailer if nothing else. I like the idea of a Special build. It's a good looking chassis. I'm sure people have done more with less. Maybe?
  8. So, how do I determine if it's a high-speed rear? ... I guess those wheel emblems are a 1928 year only? I have 3 emblems. The wheels are pretty rusty on the rims and spokes. Hubs are good! Looks like they can be restored with enough $$$. Something about those wheels just screams classy race car to me! I guess that's why I drove 4 hrs to pick them up. That may have been my lack of good judgement.
  9. I feel lucky to have found this chassis. I was searching for wheels for another build I'm working on. I ended up buying the Stutz and a 1930 Lincoln L chassis for $300. Figured I couldnt go wrong!
  10. Alsancle, you are correct. Building something with this as a starting point would be a long road. Maybe impossible! But I'm allowing my youth to ignore that wisdom for now, LOL! How can I determine if the rear end is high speed? Kmstrade, I wish I had that engine!
  11. Well, at least it is no longer a farm trailer. Makes me wonder about the history of this car. How did it go from luxury car to farm trailer? Oh well, what do you think? Should I start looking for parts to build a special of some kind? Or just offer up my parts for sale. Some of those specials look real cool. Right now I'm just enjoying telling people "I own a Stutz!"
  12. I just bought what I believe is a 1928 Stutz chassis. Can anybody tell me more? 131 wheel base.
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