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  1. Thanks for the greeting. Here is the cool tag and a pic of the engine compartment, I do need to gather the missing AC components in the next few months. I think the car is pretty darn original so I’m curious to find out what some of the experienced guys have to say about the car after decoding it.
  2. Hello everyone. I’m fortunate to have a few fun classics, but my all time favorite is my 1965 riviera that I recently purchased. I had ideas of building an amazing pro touring riviera, but after getting this original beauty home I don’t think I have the heart to change a thing. The car has 82k miles and has been with its last two overs for over 40 years. The only thing that is non stock on the car is the newer paint job ( no filler in car ) , wheels and tires and the seat covers. I also had ideas of going to a black interior but after having the car for a few days I decided I have to stay as original as possible and try and find all of the cool options Buick put into the highest end models. I’m looking forward to chatting with other members about how to make this riviera a fully optioned time capsule. I also have a full pro touring 1965 fastback mustang, and a beautiful 1976 bronco. Happy cruising!!