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  1. No not yet. Been taking my time. Mainly just haven't had time lol. I'll get it going this sping tho. I hope lol
  2. I'm in search of a water pump for my 17 buick touring 4 cylinder.
  3. And the engine is shot. 😞 block is cracked.
  4. Bought it this morning.
  5. Thanks for all the input. Was told it ran when it was parked back in the 80s. Been shedded since. Body looks to be decent. Driveable as is. As long as engine turns over what would be a fair price to pay?
  6. E-35 then. Has back seat. What's a rough value of it? I know it's hard to judge with my poor pictures. Looks to be original. Top looks shot .
  7. Looking to purchase what I believe is a 1918 touring. 4cyl. Body number is 388xxx. I know nothing about these cars. Looking for some info. Thanks. Pictures aren't the best. But body looks decent.
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