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  1. The Willys Overland Knight Registry has all production numbers from the beginning. The 33 model 66E Willys Knight was produced in 32 for sale as a 33 year model. There were about 875 units manufactured. The same is true for model 8-88A Willys. It was manufactured in 32 and sold as 33 year model at 1012 units.
  2. This car I believe is a 1932 Willys Knight model 97. This would have been the downsize Willys Knight from the Model 66D.
  3. I just ran across this post. Brand new here, but a long term Willys Overland Knight Registry Member. I am very familiar with sleeve valve engines from Willys Overland line of products. I own a '27 Willys Knight 70A cabriolet Coupe. In addition I own the one and only known 1933 Willys Model 8-88A. This car has been registered to the W.O.K.R. consistently since 1975 and I am currently the 5th owner. The Willys 8-88 was 1932 year model and there are currently about half dozen known, so still extremely rare. My 8-88A is currently under restoration. The model 66E Wi
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