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  1. Thanks for the replies. My harmonic balancer is new so no problems with the sealing surface. My real question is if anyone else has had luck or failure with running a rubber seal rather than the factory rope seal. Thanks, Bruce
  2. Has anyone had any luck replacing the I bought a Chicago Rawhide 19786 Oil Seal - (2.720" OD X 2.000" ID X 0.468" Wide) that was recommended as a replacement for the front harmonic balancer rope seal. Has anyone tried this and did it work? Any other recommendation? Thanks, Bruce
  3. I am looking to install an aftermarket radio with bluetooth capabilities that will fit into the dash hole for my 1956 Century without modification. Any recommendations?
  4. Anyone have a source for a 1956 Buick Century 322 spin on oil filter adapter? The last post had a link to David Homstad []. He seems to out of business. Thanks, Bruce
  5. I have a 1956 Buick Century. Somewhere I bought a Vulcan Speedo cable part number: CC730. Does anyone have an old catalog Vulcan to confirm a CC730 will fit a 56 Century. Thanks for the help, Bruce