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  1. Hey guys. I was out of town... WITH MY REATTA! I drove down to Shreveport to gamble a bit. The car was spot on! Lots of looks. I will take a pic of the recharged accumulator tomorrow. It's the same as original except for a nipple/valve offset at the top. It is well placed for hood clearance etc.
  2. Haha on the draft! I will be more thorough with my info. I just joined this morning 🌞😁. Ok... My accumulator was done by Power Brake XChange in Pittsburgh. With the core exchange the cost was $255 plus shipping. It took me a while to find these folks. They specialize in these brake systems and have been working on them since the inception. I hope that helps. Also, there are pinstripes (gold in color) it was just a little too dusky out to see them. Thanks y'all!
  3. I'm new here. Hi. I know who can rebuild these Teves units. Power Brake XChange in Pittsburgh. They did my accumulator for 250. They do the whole systems as well.
  4. Hello all! I just wanted to join/post here. I've been lurking since July, when I bought a 1990 Reatta. I had just had a nasty surgery and the next several months were to be tough. I bought it because it needed some tlc and I did too hahaha. My wife said this car made me well and now I'm not allowed to sell it. I've used this group's advice often in the last several months. My Reatta now has a new brake accumulator (I can give you my source if you wish) and a new cam shaft interrupter magnet, all thanks to you folks! So, thank you. I'll include a picture. She only has 70k on her and runs REALLY well.
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