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  1. I may not be the best steward of this part. Would anybody like to buy it from me? I actually have two.
  2. Should I mail it to jim?
  3. Do you know of a place I can send it to be rebuilt so I have a spare? It is for a 1988.
  4. Should I throw this away? The headlight button didn't always work, so I changed it out.
  5. Should I try to have this rebuilt, or just throw it away?
  6. Ok, I watched a video on how to change ignition switches. Seemed pretty complicated. Is it best to have a mechanic do that?
  7. I can't let it sit for more than a week because the battery drains petty quickly. I leave it disconnected
  8. I did disconnect and reconnect the battery. I usually have it unconnected because the glove compartment will not stay closed due to the broken plastic connector.
  9. When the car is off, I can remove the key. In run, the crt shows radio controls and the dash shows the usual red and yellow lights, but the speedometer part is dark.
  10. No, I cannot pull the key out when running. I do have to manually turn the key back towards me one position when I start it though. When I turn the key to Start, the CRT is blank. When I start the car, it then shows the usually controls. I never see the word Reatta.
  11. Yes, the car runs - let me go check what you mentioned.
  12. The key feels not quite right - maybe the ignition is not in the right slot.
  13. All the fuses from the fuse box by the passengers feet are OK.