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  1. Also, I know a really good mechanic who will work on these old cars.
  2. I have it in the parking garage at 610 and 59 if you are free to drop by. Southwest part of town.
  3. Actually, I found a fuel leak near the gas tank, so $1000. I'm working on that long document to give all the details, but it has 180k miles.
  4. I may not be the best steward of this part. Would anybody like to buy it from me? I actually have two.
  5. Do you know of a place I can send it to be rebuilt so I have a spare? It is for a 1988.
  6. Should I throw this away? The headlight button didn't always work, so I changed it out.
  7. Should I try to have this rebuilt, or just throw it away?
  8. Ok, I watched a video on how to change ignition switches. Seemed pretty complicated. Is it best to have a mechanic do that?
  9. I can't let it sit for more than a week because the battery drains petty quickly. I leave it disconnected
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