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  1. Bump, next week I go in Pennsylvania I can bring the car with me if someone are interesting
  2. Bump, excellent price for that quality of restoration 🙂
  3. I’m located in Quebec, Canada. I can take care to bring the car on the USA side, in Vermont or I can delivery with my enclosed trailer
  4. Cars as been sold. I took the information on HCCA classified
  5. Oldsmobile Curved dash 1904serial number 22415original car with a wonderfull restorationRuns and drives excellently Engine has been refresh last spring (re-babitt rod, magnaflux the crankshaft and overall engine checkup and clean up by Peter fawcett in Ontario) New radiator, new clutch band lining, new brake shoes lining. Asking price 57500$ 65 pictures on that link:
  6. hi mark where did you bought your new tank ? I need one for my k49 project. Do you know where I can buy All the gazoline gauge too ? thank you very much, anthony
  7. Hi everybody I would like to buy those parts for my 1920 Buick McLaughlin 6 cylinder model K49 gaz tank gaz level indicator on the tank. amp meter gauge horn thanks for your help thats stuck my project to progress.
  8. I try to found a 1910/1911 touring model t since 2 years in Canada and nothing has been offered to me.
  9. HI gary its a 7 passenger. i want to leave it as it is and drive it after big verification. Sadly in Quebec not a lot of early car hobbiest.
  10. the first picture was at the garage of the last owner and the other place are my car building to make party with friend and cars.
  11. hello everybody I need 5 34x4 1/2 tire for my McLaughlin 1920 project. someone have this for sale please ? i know it’s available new but that cost me the price of the car with custom and shipping so if I’m able to find that use it could be perfect
  12. I need 5 34x4 1/2 tire for my McLaughlin 1920 project. someone have this for sale please ?
  13. I need 5 34x4 1/2 tire for my McLaughlin 1920 project. someone have this for sale please ?
  14. Nice catch of me and my wife Alexandra Barn find, Buick McLaughlin K-49 1920 7 passengers, 6 cylinders, 60hp. Never out of the garage since the 60’s and last time running 1944 Very original, with spare engine and transmission. Project: leave it as it is. Except mecanical refresh, 5 tires and new top. Anybody know McLaughlin car please contact me I’ll have some question for my project. thank you everybody to share your passion anthony and Alexandra
  15. Thanks Jim he have 100 year yeah! 60hp will be a good touring car ? and what you mean by built in tire pump ? Have an integrate compressor ?