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Stanley Steamer 1914 model 607

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Twin brothers Francis and Freelan Stanley built their first steam-powered car in 1897 in Watertown, Massachusetts and sold more than 200 by 1899, making them the most successful U.S. automaker at the time. They sold the design to Locomobile in 1899 and, three years later, founded the Stanley Motor Carriage Co. The Stanley steamer is the most recognizable steam car to this day and are the most reliable and well-designed steam cars ever built. Although steam power for the automobile fell out of favor, it was still a very efficient and very powerful way to propel the automobile. In 1906, the Stanley Rocket achieved 127 MPH driven by Fred Marriott and one year later at Ormand Beach, Florida it achieved 150 MPH.
This particular Stanley offered is in amazing condition with known history since 1931. It is a 1914 Model 607 touring with a wonderful history and has been used a lot for touring and has been meticulously cared for Stanley steamer model 607 serial #7712, original 10HP engine from factory 6-1316. The engine was updated by Howard Johnson to correct some known weaknesses. Car has been outfitted with hydraulic brakes. This model included the first steering box, oversized 20-inch boiler, and large 40 gallon water tank filled from outside rear. Side curtains included are correctly hung from top crossbows. Sale includes rear trunk for extra storage and spare tire with storage box in center of tire. Rolled out of the factory June 2, 1914, total production 106 and less than 15 survived. 1914 was the last of the "coffin nose" Stanley's before the transition to a more modern nose with a condenser offered later. It is also the last year before Stanleys switched to left hand drive. It is a 10 horsepower model, but a late 10 horse which has a much larger boiler giving it a lot more power then the earlier 10 horse cars. Still has the original electric control box, original body with a wonderful restoration and a binder full of pictures and documentation about the restoration and the history of that car.
In an odd twist, legendary Stanley broker Mervin Allatt appears to have owned this car in 1936. And by no less than the American Steam Automobile Co., the business manifestation of steam designer Thomas Derr. Allatt clearly wanted this car for his own use, and went on to register it in NJ in 1937, '40, and '42. He appears to have painted it during that time, as the 1937 registration describes the car as green and the 1940 registration says blue. Today the car is perfectly restored in Black with red pinstripe
Frank R. Hartin, 1931
MA 8/1936, American Steam Automobile Co. (Thomas Derr)
11/4/1936, Mervin Allatt
2/15/1943 Vernard E. Coe
1976 Timothy Owen Davis
Carl Amsley
Bill Roberts, 2011
Mark and Debbie Smith 2012
Anthony Theriault 2020
Including in the sales price, all the paperwork for the custom, the duty fee and the tax are paid by the seller for USA transaction. The car can be pickup directly by the transporter at my home or I can bring it in Champlain NY and the car can be pickup there. I can assist with worldwide shipping too.
145,000$ USD
Here's a link with 154 pictures :
Anthony Theriault
Batiscan, Quebec, Canada



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