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  1. Thanks, Harold, for the news article on the Elcar connection talk at the Elkhart County Historical Museum. Here is My Innocent View of Elkhart: Grandfather involved in creating the Pratt/Elcar, Mom born there, RVs built there BUT never realized how close it is to Norte Dame! Is that why I couldn’t find a hotel for the third week of May? Graduation? Sent this pic before but this website won’t allow me to post a closeup of the car. Don’t know when the pic was taken. My mother, born in 2016, only remembered playing up in the third floor ballroom before they sold this home and moved to California. If anyone wants to enlarge it, that would be great. What a beautiful car. What is it? Seems like George Pratt should be featuring a pic of his Pratt/Elcar in front of his home!
  2. On the back of the photo of George B Pratt’s home is the name EPD Haven written in cursive. Maybe the photographer, any of you live in Elkhart and know this name, maybe from the early 1900’s. See the pic I sent before which is mounted on old cardboard and 8x10. Hoping to identify the car in the pic so will send a close up. Wish the Gorgeous Home was still in Elkhart but was demolished to build a tract housing development. Only memory I have when visiting maybe 20 years ago is of it being right by the river, just “above” it...
  3. Thank you sooo much , all of you “Wonderful Elcar/Auto Posters” for helping this Newbie. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions regarding Elcars and my Grandfather, George B. Pratt. My mother’s nephew, also named George B Pratt III, is still alive, had a vacation home at a gorgeous lake by Elkhart, and he is the one who arranged this Pratt Reunion many years ago to take us to the Elcar Museum, to see where the George B Pratt Family Home used to be and the Elcar manufacturing building (although after reading that the plant moved, I can’t tell you yet why we saw). I will contact him to see if he has any memories that you might like if you are an early Elcar Enthusiast.
  4. Once again, thank you! Wish the pic was more clear so we could enlarge the radiator, maybe it would have an identifying emblem.
  5. Yes, it was the S. Ray Miller Museum. It was a very special visit for my mother who was born to George B. Pratt in 1916 when he was 58 years old! I have a attached a picture of the home she lived in for several years in Elkhart before they moved to Southern California. Could you tell me if the car in the picture is an Elcar. Thank you for your help.
  6. Thank you so much for this information, I will look elsewhere on the Forum to see more recent Elcar news. When my family had a reunion in Elkhart at least 20 if not 25 years ago, there was a wonderful museum there and was so much fun to see.
  7. I see no recent posts so hope there are still Elcar enthusiasts looking here. I am George Byington Pratt’s granddaughter and will be visiting Elkhart in May 2019. Is the Elcar Museum still open ? I cannot find information on it.