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  1. Not only that, the car in question that I posted comes with optional dented fenders. Which many cars from that era probably had.... I enjoyed seeing the one in Australia though.
  2. Here is a closeup of the front wheel hub. Can anyone recognize the logo?
  3. Here's another car from my family photo album, probably taken early 1920's. Note curved front side windows. I've seen cars in magazine with this style window. So what is this car??
  4. Based on other family information, I believe this was taken around 1917 - 1919. I don't know how NY issued license plates then, but since they are 1917, perhaps it was that year the photo was taken unless the plate stayed on the car from year to year after it was issued.
  5. This is from a family photo album. My great aunt is in the passenger side of the middle seat. Her husband manufactured Typhoon brand fans to ventilate theaters, thus the fan and advertisement on the car. This was taken at a movie picture exposition in Chicago where the fans were being marketed. The license plate is New York 1917. I can see a logo on the wheel hubs but can't make it out. What kind of car is this and what year? Please ID the car in the background too.
  6. I guess we can't really tell for sure if its touring or roadster from this picture.
  7. Great! It looks like it might have detachable side curtains. If so, would that be a touring car?
  8. Is that a Pontiac logo on the radiator shell?
  9. The plate looks like 1928 or possibly 1929, so the car would be older than that, thus 1926 would seem logical.
  10. Can anyone tell me what kind of car this is and what year? The Hopewell, VA emblem on the radiator grille is a town in Virginia. The woman is my grandmother's twin sister. They are not Bonnie & Clyde although it sort of looks like it.
  11. Yes, radiator is for water, but radiator shell is what I've also heard for Franklin.
  12. Thanks, if I come across any more pictures of this car I'll post them.
  13. Thanks for the ID on the make and year! Not only is it interesting to know the make. model & year of the car, but it helps me date the time frame when this family picture was taken, because we didn't have that info. I know the names of my relatives in the picture, but not the date of the picture. Tell me though, what's the difference in the Model 135 and 137? I couldn't find that out on the Franklin club website. Also, just to confirm, was the Franklin in the picture air cooled vs. water radiator?
  14. Dave, regarding the mysterious car to the right, the same person owned a 1925-ish Packard as show in my other post. The car to the right seems to have a Packard shaped radiator. Here is a front view of that Packard. What does the brain trust here think?
  15. Here are tow more pictures of the same Packard, one decorated to apparently celebrate Charles Lindbergh.