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  1. 1 hour ago, West Peterson said:


    I was talking about Jim Debickero several weeks ago. We were all wondering about his health, or even if he was still with us. The discussion we had about him revolved around a 1937 SS-100 that he bought in Minneapolis around 1962. The car recently resurfaced and its very interesting history was revealed.

    Here's the car when my dad had it, and the last photo is just before restoration started ab out a year ago.






    Yes, he is in excellent shape. He lives near me and was hanging out with me last night when I was working in the garage.  

  2. 3 minutes ago, edinmass said:


    I have been lucky enough to beat the snot out of one of these...............wasn’t impressed. And it was the special with the neat carb set up. Actually ran it against a 120 Jag. Pasadena hasn’t been the same since. Going through the In and Out Burger, Priceless! 

    Such is the insane world I live in.

    I understand that this was a total rattle box. 

  3. 9 hours ago, 58L-Y8 said:

    Any period photos of his ownership of the Duesenberg J 437 Weymann 'taper-tail' among those photos?  We'd love to see them!

    In a race down a straight line I think I would take the Duesenberg....but then again I could have fun with either one of them.



    Just beat up old race cars. Do you think that the cars had ashtrays?


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  4. 27 minutes ago, alsancle said:

    Jim Debikero?

    yes. He gave me some old pictures over the weekend. Incredible cars and stories. He told me how he raced his 540 k special roadster against the Model J 437 Weymann tapertail in the early 1960's on a country road. Said the engine sounds and exhaust notes that the cars made under full throttle is a sound you never forget. He later bought the tapertail for $20k..... It is interesting seeing amazing cars and hearing how the cars were driven and enjoyed when they were just used up old cars.

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  5. The most recent Jay Leno’s garage video features a “new” 1931 Duesenberg LaGrande Coupe. What are the thoughts on this one? I have no problem with it and think the world is better off with it, especially since Jay is not trying to conceal anything.


    I think a lot of collectors would be surprised on the number of cars that have checkered pasts that are considered authentic, and even more people would be surprised on how many Classic era cars are still being created at this time from scratch.



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  6. 2 hours ago, edinmass said:

    Fortunately you have the “low end” or “standard” windshield frame with only one wiper..........for 18 grand the purchaser when new didn’t throw down for the extra accessory wiper.....which was an entire different casting for the windshield! Wonder why they were 60 times the price of a Ford of the same year? 

    Who would have imagined a Rolls without every single option? 





    I was reading recently that the average new car sales prices exceeded $40,000 for the first time in 2020. If you use the same multiple of 60, a modern Rolls Royce would have to cost approximately $2,400,000 to have the same price differential.  

  7. 2 hours ago, edinmass said:


    Yes. 1931 Pierce Arrow Series 42 Dual Cowl Phaeton in brilliant red. Showed at the Kansas City Auto Show, then shipped off to a Maharaja in India, along with a Series 41 Touring in the same color. The Series 41 still survives. The car above is long gone. It also had diamonds on the hubcaps..

    What would the original price of the diamond studded Pierce have been? Are we talking jewelry grade diamonds or industrial use grade? That car must have been a show stopper in the depression. Do any show pictures survive? Hard to believe a car like that is long lost. Thanks for the info.

  8. 2 hours ago, edinmass said:

    The Pierce Arrow Silver Arrow. 

    Yes, I have photos of the Pierce at the fair........they are unpublished.


    The World Fair car is currently located in a Chicago collection. It is pretty impressive to see it in person. Did it originally have Blackwall tires on it? Was the twenty grand displayed at the same show also? If so it would be a hard choice between the Caddy, Packard, Pierce and Duesy... I guess I would have to have the chauffeur choose the car at that point!

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