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  1. Hey Lewis, thanks a bunch for the info---the drivers side came out normally---however, the passenger side decided to crumble. can you please post a source for the brass replacements? thanks
  2. WOW , very helpful --We knew it was something different but never expected this ---thanks a ton.
  3. thanks for the input, I/we are familiar with all 3 of those, unfortunately, none are present---we have pushed in the escutcheon as far as we can and there is no clip or pin. i've searched until I can't see straight and can't find anything specific on these, I'm hoping someone on here will have some personal experience with them. thanks
  4. Hey gang, My buddy has a '29 essex that he will be doing some interior work to, we're trying to get the interior door latch handles off so we can pull the door panels. we can't find any clips or pins anywhere and don't see anything obvious that will help. if anyone has any experience pulling these off please chime in, also, pictures would be helpful. thanks,
  5. I'll see if I can get one, the problem is the tag has some corrosion on it and I'm not sure how legible it is.
  6. thanks, I checked and the engine number does start with a "U", is there any way to tell if it's the original for sure?
  7. Hey guys, I'm trying to help out a buddy who has a 1929 Plymouth 2 door sedan for sale, the car is in very good condition and mostly original. it starts and moves on it's own but will need some brake work to be usable. it still has what we believe is the original motor and trans in it. I don't think the upholstery is original but I'm pretty sure the headliner is, the roof looks pretty new and in great shape. he bought it to use as a start to a hot rod but would rather not cut up great mostly rust free car. he's asking $9500.00 OBO for it and it's located in
  8. here is a picture of an instrument cluster that is identical to his. thanks,
  9. Hey Guys, A good friend of mine just picked up a nice '29 essex "super six" complete car, it's in decent shape for it's age but it's missing the amp gauge from the cluster. does anyone have one they'd like to sell? please let me know as I'm trying to help him locate one thanks.
  10. Hey guys, does anyone know where I can find any information about my '29 Nash, I'm looking for dimensions mainly such as head room, width, length ----that kind of stuff also, how does the 2 door body compare to the Ford model A body of the same type? thanks,
  11. Hey All, I've got a really good friend of mine that is selling his custom built '63 C-10 --- I know this truck very well and no corners were cut on this build. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/319233065362452/
  12. Hey guys, I've got a couple parts that were going to go on my '54 Chieftain but I sold the car before they got installed. shipping is NOT included but can be arranged. I'll be going down to Charlotte "spring auto fair" and can bring the bumper with me if we make a deal prior to the trip. 1. perfect condition rear bumper fresh from the chrome shop ----$400.00 2. near mint lighted hood ornament --$300.00 3. rebuilt Jaeger clock ---$50.00 4. excellent condition hood spear (passenger side) -- could use a little polishing but otherwise in good shape ---$2
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