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  1. Hello Sweden here. I wonder why my Buick Riviera from 1972 with 455 engine blowing in the exhaust pipe during throttle, has replaced the spark plug carburettor tried to adjust the ignition but the distributor can only turn to one direction, it can be wrongly mounted ...please help
  2. The Buick Riviera 455 -72 car is dull, checking the ignition at its best when the mark was on the pulley outside the adjusting tray. The compression on all cylinders is about 10 kg. New carburetor, the original could not be renovated. New spark plugs. Anyone who has suggestions... Greetings from Sweden
  3. New Carburetor Edelbrock 1411 on my Riviera -72 someone who has mounted such a carburettor on a car engine 455 economics first step
  4. Hi, I need help with my Riviera. The car is completely original. It's so that the engine is running idle, it's hesitating for gas pulling. and it's weak, it's not possible to slip on the road. Greetings from Sweden
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