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  1. Hey Scott, just wanted to give you an updated list of items we're looking for: Fuse Block Bracket for headlight switch Bracket for fuse block (that holds the fuse block) Piece of stainless steel trim above the steering column Windshield wiper bottle with lid and pump A complete antenna
  2. Haha! That price sounds fair! I've attached some more pictures. Do you also have the bracket for the fuse block as shown in the pictures?
  3. How much are you looking for for the bottom fuse block?
  4. Great! Comparing the connections between the two, they look identical, woukd you agree? I’ll go look through my pictures and see if I’ve got a better picture of the bracket.
  5. Sounds like a plan! How much were you thinking for one of the fuse blocks and the bracket?
  6. I checked the shop manual and from my understanding, I believe that the fuse block is the same for 1949 Buick Series 50 and 70. Were you able to pull one out of the other Buicks? Also, were you able to locate the bracket behind the dash?
  7. You know, I’m not quite sure, I’ll ask a buddy of mine and find out.
  8. In reference to the fuse block or the bracket behind the dash?
  9. That’s great news! By the sounds of it, I think that’s it. By any chance do you have the fuse block as well?
  10. Hey Scott, we're working on a full body off restoration on a 1949 Buick Roadmaster 2 Door Hardtop and it seems to be missing the fuse block along with the bracket behind the dashboard under the gas gauge and clock that holds the cigarette lighter and some switches (measurements approximately 7" by 4"). I've attached a few pictures from one of our previous restorations on another 1949 Buick Roadmaster 2 Door Hardtop showing what I'm missing on this one.
  11. Thank you for the link, I'll check out that website in a moment. And yes, it's a variable capacitor, it had 3 wires attached to it all going to separate metal plates separated by thin ceramic sheets. I had the radio set at AM 1440 and the quality was phenomenal considering I haven't replaced anything inside, not even the speaker so it was all original; there was a little bit of static so I attempted to trim the radio and in doing so stripped the brass piece that the screw sat in and then the plastic housing for capacitor broke into pieces when taking it off the radio.
  12. Looking for some info on what kind of replacement antenna trimmer I can use on my 1949 Buick Sonomatic Radio. The original one got stripped when tightening it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!