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  1. Thank you to everyone for contributing to this topic. I am just seeking a stock rebuild. This car won’t get more than 2k to 3k miles a year on it. You have given me a lot to consider and questions to pose to a rebuilder.
  2. I am looking to rebuild my 425 in my 64 Riviera would anyone recommend the engine rebuild kit from EGGE? I see it cost about $2600. Other recommendations are appreciated. Thank You
  3. I am looking to rebuild my 425 in my 64 Riviera would anyone recommend the engine rebuild kit from EGGE? I see it cost about $2600. Other recommendations are appreciated. Thank You
  4. Thanks I have read so many horror stories about the motor rebuild I want to adopt Tom and have him come live here for 6 months lol Then when I am long gone it will last for another 55 years Well at some point it might have to be converted to electric lol
  5. Had all the suspension replaced, ball joints, tie rod, shocks, breaks rebuilt, new steering box, water pump. Wheel bearings redone. Had a vintage air system installed, which required some customization since they don’t make one specifically for the Riv. Had all the u-joints and center mount replaced. New break lines and fuel line. Had the rear dropped, blasted all the control arms, pan hard bar and rear powered coated. Had all the bushing replaced . While it was out had new axel bearing and bearings put in the rear. Had new emergency brake cables made. if I am going to take something out I am going to touch all the components that make sense to have done. Had the stock radio rebuilt so it has FM and blue tooth. Recovered the seats, new carpet and insulation. Trunk lined. Some of the wood grain replaced too. New exhaust from Waldron I am sure I missed a few. Now it just needs motor and tranny done.
  6. Thanks I am well past that point 🤣 Already have 15k+ at least into it on top of purchase price Most of what I did was elective. I will keep asking around I really want to get it done and done right I have not worked on a car since 1978 and would not want to screw anything up.
  7. Thank you for the reply’s I am looking for trusted shop that can do all the work including the motor snd trans
  8. Engine is leaking oil, blows some blue smoke on start up. I am also going to have the frame powered coated while both are out of the car will obviously have the body removed Tom recommend to have the tranny done at the same time and I agree while they are both out. It appears to be the main seal.
  9. I am live in Phila area and I am seeking a shop that can rebuild my engine and transmission in my 64 Riv I have chatted with Tom (Telriv) But I need a shop that can pull and reinstall them too i dont have the skill set or I would have Tom rebuild them Any recommendations?
  10. Tom Are you taking on any more engines? Finally ready to do it Do you pull it and reinstall it? Thanks
  11. Hi all, I am trying to connect with Paul from the Pottstown Pa area he has the 65 Red Riviera GS I don’t know his forum name Can some connect me? Thank you
  12. Were the manifolds on 64 Riviera 425 painted and if so what color? Thank you
  13. Does anyone have a lower driver side seat trim I can purchase? Thank you Dan G
  14. Seems like a small vibration. I bought a kit from Ratech Manufacturing's and would like to get it refurbished as it is original to the car.
  15. Any recommendation on a shop that can rebuild the rear end in 64 Riv? I am located in the Phila area so any where from Boston to Va will be acceptable. Or any recommendation on a manufacturer and specs for a new rear? For example Moser Engineering.
  16. Thank you for the response I will have the upholstery shop check to make sure they did not use the front seats on the back seats.
  17. Thank you for the feedback. I have recently found out about Clark’s and will investigate them. The problem is the shop already installed the back seats from OPGI so I hopefully can resolve this through OPGI. They can send me roll stock and my upholstery shop can make the front seats Did you have problems with seams coming apart or the material actually wearing out? Thanks
  18. I recently bought new seat covers from OPGI. The rear seats installed perfectly but the front seats are to small. OPGI has been great they took back the seats and thought maybe the manufacturer made a mistake. They had new covers made. When they came in OPGI checked them against the first pair and they are exactly the same size. OPGI also owns a 64 Riv and they went down and measured their seats and the covers would fit. My question is has has anyone else run into this issue? Is possible my front seats are from a 63 or 65 and thus a different size? They are definately original to the car that is documented. i know sometimes as stock was running low or they had some left over from a previous year it would get used in the manufacturing process. You can see the difference in the pics below the new seats are 2 inches to short. Notice the difference in the last panel at the back of the seat.
  19. OIB63

    64 Riv 425

    Thank you all for your responses
  20. OIB63

    64 Riv 425

    They just have a 120k miles on them and want to refresh them so I can drive anywhere I want without concern.
  21. OIB63

    64 Riv 425

    Looking for recommendations. Looking for a shop that can pull the engine and trans and rebuild them. I am located near Philadelphia and will to travel up to 1000 miles if required.