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  1. Hi Folks, I've been doing my research on Winter storage. I have a buddy who just purchased an acreage with outbuildings. He is going to allow me to store my vehicle there for the next 3-5 months through Winter. Since the vehicle will be indoors, what type of cover do you all recommend? My 1955 Oldsmobile 98 has all original paint- so I definitely do NOT want a cover that will scratch or cause damage. Thanks!
  2. I would say it gets better MPG than my Tahoe. ?
  3. So, another question, rebuild the original carburetor or go with something else? Everything I replaced so far, I’ve done original. The carb is foreign to me, but my Winters allow for some tinkering. It is fine now, the car hesitates a bit starting cold. Sometimes a bit of a hesitation from 1-2 gear. So, not an issue right away. Thoughts?
  4. I would like to add here that I live in a hard Winter state. Cold, ice, snow....all a good possibility. I can appreciate both points, just not too confident in the drums in weather...even rain. I’m gonna run it every day I can. I plan to start it and let it run on days my weather isn’t so great. But, both valid arguments that I can appreciate as far as changing out the brakes.
  5. Spinneyhill, it was lowered and rims by previous owner. We like the lower stance. Plan to replace all fluids and inspect brakes- might switch out drums. I agree, only one chance to stop. ?
  6. Yes, I ordered all hoses as well. Thanks! Just itching to get to a cars and coffee sometime soon! ?
  7. I have a very good shop manual that came with my 1955 Olds 98. There are 114 pages on the Hydra-Matic. ? Let me know if there is a section that interests you. I can send pics with more detail.
  8. Hi. We are the 4th owners of a 1955 Oldsmobile 98 Holiday Coupe!! We are also new to the “vintage owner” category. In the month we have owned the vehicle, we have had use of it for 3 days. We replaced the fuel pump first thing, it had a minor leak...which turned into a major one once in our driveway. Next, we replaced the power steering pump, also due to a leak. Thinking that all that was behind us, we took the car out on 3 longer trips- not more than 10 miles each. We started hearing a loud creaking noise...pulled up the hood and anti-freeze was spraying all over the place. Waiting on a new water pump as we speak. My question is, because I’ve heard mixed reviews, can a vintage car be driven daily?! Or, maybe, SHOULD is the better term?!
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