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  1. Hello 19tom40 The Lincoln is very nice for driving in the Swiss montain too. we have Beautiful roads over the montain and valley of the Lincoln is in top condition no waterloss he will not too hot all Okey Now i have to repair the hydraulics that i can close the top when it rains it some times makes Problems i have the hydraulic today Removed it some screws loose morning again install. I hopeit works again. greetings from Switzerland Stefani
  2. Hello Lincoln Friends test drive to Beautiful Toggenburg Switzerland everting Super Lincoln Continental 1948 Dreamlike to drive greetings from Switzerland Stefani
  3. Hallo harris Seeking a glove box lock with key for 1956 Thunderbird Thanks Stefani Switzerland
  4. Hello Lincoln Friends last Week i paintet the frame this week sealed and monted with a VW sealind tape ! todey i sealed the Windsnild and monted it ! Looks great like ex Works. Greetings from Switzerland Stefani
  5. Hello Lincoln Friends Today I sandet the Windshild Frame and everthing Looks great . Tomorow I`ìi get the Right primer for the frame made of aluminum !! and apply primer the Special filler. Also on the bodywork everthing is sandet where the Frame. Since I was a car painter i tis no prblem for me. The Company Spiess-Hecker has the Right materials ! is also aviable in the USA . Regards Stefani Switzerland
  6. Hello Lincoln Friends I have the today Windshild Frame removed !!! Photos Stefani
  7. Many Thanks Tom_Overfield Lincoln Specialist I ÌI do the way you wrote it. I will take Pictures and Show you. Thanks again Stefani Switzerland
  8. Thanks for the answer 19tom40 there are two diverent lincoln convertible 1 Typ lincoln Body type 876H76 convertible coupe because the windshild Frame is integratet in the bodywork I have the 2 Body type 876H56 lincoln Continental convertible and with this guy you have to disassemble the windshild Frame ! I hope there is still a lincoln specialist who knows lincolns. Thanks in advance Stefani
  9. Many Thanks 19 Tom 40 Photos Complet Remove Many thanks Stefani
  10. Many thanks Larry Butcher Question at the Lincoln Continental Convertible 1946-1948 is the Windshild Frame bolted then you can dismantle him I want to know where the screws are and how many.Many thanks for the Information ! Maybe there is a restorer inthe USA who has alredy that ! if he really wanted to restore the Lincoln. Many thanks for answers from Lincoln specialist ! Stefani
  11. Hello Lincoln Friends i want to convert the 1948 Lincoln Continental Convert. dismantle the complett where are the screws i have to repaint the Frame because the aluminum oxidizes Thank you your help Greetings from Switzerland Stefani
  12. Mssr.Bwatoe Help to me Look at General Discussion Electrohydraulik Thank you Mssr.Bwatoe
  13. I have a Question it is possible at one Lincoln Continental 1946-1948 only with electromotors the car windos an convertible Roof to use without Electrohydraulik has alredy some one made ? Thank you for your answers Stefani 1948 Lincoln Continental Convertible
  14. Thank you very much I will be on Saturday Steering Wheel Disassemble and restore. Thank you Mssr.Bwatoe
  15. Hello Lincoln Friends how to dismantle me Continental V12 1948 the steering Wheel hornring as we the steering Wheel Want to restore Thank you for information Greetings from switzerland
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