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  1. So, I'm Jmsanch's mechanic friend that agreed to help him fix this thing. For an update, I'd like to let everyone know that I installed new points, condenser, and distributor cap yesterday. And we have spark! Even with the original ignition coil! Because there's no fuel in the tank, I had to dump some fresh gas down the carb. The car wanted to start, but we just didn't have a consistent fuel supply. Fortunately it looks like the fuel pump is working so at least we have that going for us. I was considering just rigging up a funnel to the fuel inlet of the carb to get it running. We don't know the condition of the tank or fuel line yet so I don't really want to dump gas into it. Joe is going to remove the carb and take it apart and clean it. I'm sure it's incredibly varnished. I don't know if he mentioned it or not, but this car has been sitting for 30+ years. So my next question for all of you would be: where can I find good info on rebuilding this carburetor? Also, I saw someone mention to set the points to 0.015". Is that spec, or just a good starting point? And, I wanted to run a new positive wire to ign. coil but am having a terrible time removing the ign. switch. Any tips/tricks on that? Thanks for everything guys (and gals)!