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  1. Mine was frozen solid so I gently tapped the shaft back and forth until it was free, gradually turning as you tap. It takes a while but will free up, after I got it moving I drilled a small hole on each shoulder just in as far as the shaft to make it easier to get graphite into the joint. The small spring on the arm should attach to a metal tab held by a bolt in the exhaust flange. good luck and have patience.
  2. Thanks 39, Sounds like I can use it on those numbers. Phil
  3. Thanks for the reply Bill I have a 47 series 50. The part is rear engine mount, in the diagram the transmission mount is different. I just was wondering why the numbers are different and if I can use it, I have been thinking of renewing all mounts and this one is like brand new. Phil
  4. I have this engine mount but the code does not match the manual. Can someone tell me what it is for? There are two codes on it: Red 1325241 and Brown 1325240 According to the manual the red code is 1315443. Thanks
  5. My047

    1947 A/C

    Thanks for the comments, I have looked at the photos and am a bit hesitant to go that way, looks like a lot of hard work and goes too far away from original.
  6. My047

    1947 A/C

    thanks Ben I have now been in touch with JVelde, Riki, what is your harmonic balancer (3 belt?) and did your fan clear the pulleys?
  7. My047

    1947 A/C

    Thanks for the replies, I can buy an after market trunk mounted unit but there is very little room on the engine for the compressor.
  8. Has anyone fitted an A/C compressor to a 248ci 1947 Buick motor? I would love to hear how it was done.
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