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  1. UPDATE**I just wanted to update everyone on my issue. I changed the ignition control module, and super cleaned all grounds. It fired right up and runs better than it ever has. I tested the crank sensor and although good, replaced it anyway for future events. Thanks for everyone's help and information on my problem. I appreciate it slot. Hopefully this can help another individual if the need arises.
  2. Yeah the icm is leaking the goo. I figured out after I took the coils off
  3. Yes the ride leaves me something to be desired, but I have plans for an upgraded conversion after I get this issue taken care of. I have a buddy in the race car chassis building and he has been working me out a new setup in the rear. Actually it is completed and waiting for me to stuff it under. I have sourced a set of some nice bilstein absorbers retrofitted with coil overs done by me of course. It's a great setup and probably will be an excellent ride as well.
  4. Hey Brian, glad to have your input. It's great to have the design engineer for this engine give information. It's better than a service manual. With this car having under 90,000 original miles and had sat in a garage for most it's life, I'd expect for things to go bad from just sitting. I bought a new coil box anyway due to seeing the goop leaking out of it when I first got it. I suspected that the icm was on its way out, just wished it would have been after Christmas . I plan on doing the crank sensor as well as other maintenance. One thing that I was able to get from obd1 retrieval was the c
  5. Also I didn't pay attention to the connections under the coil packs, it said somewhere that as long as it's yellow, green, and single blue wire on one side starting from icm connector up and the three blue wires on the other it didn't matter which side they went. Example: Y,G,Single Blue on left or right, and triple blue on the other. Is that correct or does it have its own right way..?
  6. OK thanks for the timing chain verification. I tested the coils on this and the 3-6 coil read 58.6 k ohms, the other two read 17.4. so I bought a new coil regardless. I did take the old one off and the green goo was present and pretty bad I might add. It actually has worked all the way down to the bottom coil and left bare components. I'm sure it's time for a new one as well. I have read up on this car and bought a manual, so I have been able to expect the things to look for. I cleaned the crank sensor ring on the balancer the first week I owned it for sensor sake and it's still pretty clean .
  7. Hey thanks guys I appreciate your help. This car has an original 87,xxx miles on it. I got it from my aunt. We live here in Indiana, so it's a medium on the scale of corrosion. I will take the icm off and clean it well , run some test on the crank sensor. I am not totally sure on the timing chain,belt etc...but believe it is a chain. I just joined this forum and y'all are a great bunch of fella's. Thanks for the input.
  8. hello, I currently have a crank no start in my 88 park avenue.i t just happened all the sudden and it cranked over about five times before a super loud boom, my muffler blew completely apart. It has new plug wires, plugs , coils. I have fuel pressure at the rails, and I've checked all vacuum lines . How do I test the Ignition Control module? I have a multimeter. What should I do next..?
  9. Hello, my name is don. I own a 1988 Buick Electra park avenue. I am currently having issues with it and was directed to your website. Looks to be a vast amount of knowledge in here so I feel comfortable here already.
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