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  1. Steel Panther

    Selling Mom's 89 Reatta

    Yes, still available. Sorry I didn't see the post above asking for windshield pics and undercarriage.
  2. Steel Panther

    Selling Mom's 89 Reatta

    Still available, $900 obo. Found one very small rust spot inside wheel well, but rest of undercarriage looks clean. Have alot of pics.
  3. Steel Panther

    Selling Mom's 89 Reatta

    I don't recall it ever being driven during the winter months, at least not since Mom has owned it. I understand the non-running part being an issue. Trust me, I tried for years to convince her to sell it while it was still running but not being driven.
  4. Steel Panther

    Selling Mom's 89 Reatta

    Hello, I finally convinced my folks it's time to sell Mom's sunday driver. She's the third owner as far as we know, it was purchased from the lady next door before she passed away. It has always been garage kept and the most recent tags on it expired in 2007. It ran as recently as a few years ago, but now cranks and won't start. Is in good overall condition otherwise, with a few minor exceptions. We have all records from 66,000 miles, has almost 150,000 now. They would like to get $1500 for it, but I think would be open to offers. Most importantly, my Mom loved driving this car and would like to see it put to good use. Located in Southern Michigan. See additional info below. Thanks. Bob Year:_____1989__ Coupe: X____ Conv:____ Mileage:_149,975_________ Considered Correct? (Y/N) Y Location:________Jackson, MI__________________________ VIN:___________1G4EC11C0KB903408_____________________ Title: Clear_X_ Salvage____ Other___ Any Accident History? (Y/N) MINOR HIT TO REAR, LEFT A COUPLE SCUFFS IN PAINT Asking Price: $ 1500 Willing to take trade (Y/N) N Exterior Color: BLACK Interior Color: TAN Paint Original? (Y/N) Y Paint Condition? (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor) EXCELLENT Belt & Bumper Molding Color: (Black/Body Color) Body Dents: (Y/N)N If Y where__________________ Body Rust: (Y/N) N If Y where__________________ Windshield Chipped or Cracked? (Y/N) CRACK, I THINK ON DRIVERS SIDE If Y to what extent? Vent Glass Intact? (Y/N) Y If N please describe which one is damaged and how damaged. Rubber surround molding for windshield condition? (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor) GOOD I THINK (Coupe only) Rubber surround molding for rear window condition? (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor) GOOD I THINK Out Side Mirrors Intact? (Y/N) Y Headlight Motors Function Correctly? (Y/N) NO ISSUES WHEN LAST USED Tail Light Lens: (Clear/Cloudy/Cracked) (Convertable only) Convertable Top Material: (Vinyl or Cloth) Convertable Top Color? Convertable Top Condition? (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor) Please describe any flaws or problems with the convertible top. Interior Original? (Y/N) Y 16 Way Seats? (Y/N) I THINK SO Works (Y/N) Y Suede bolsters? (88 only) (Y/N) Seat Condition? (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor) GOOD Drivers interior door panel condition? (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor) GOOD Passengers interior door panel condition? (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor) GOOD Center console top armrest condition? (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor) GOOD Door weather stripping condition? (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor) GOOD Headliner Condition? (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor) GOOD Carpet Condition? (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor) GOOD, FADED SOME Original Floor Mats: (Y/N) NOT KNOWN Floor Mat Condition: (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor) Condition of Steering Wheel Leather: (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor) GOOD Sun Roof? (Y/N) N Works? (Y/N) Functional Keyless Entry? (Y/N) UNSURE Both Remotes? (Y/N) THINK SO Problems with Electronic Dash items? (Y/N) NO If Y describe problems: Power Windows Work Correctly? (Y/N) Y Power Seats Work Correctly? (Y/N) NO ISSUES WHEN LAST USED Power Door Locks Work Correctly? (Y/N) NO ISSUES WHEN LAST USED Power Antenna Work Correctly? (Y/N) NO ISSUES WHEN LAST USED Original Sound System? (Y/N) Y Factory CD Player? (90-91 only) (Y/N) Sound System Fully Functional? (Y/N) NO ISSUES WHEN LAST USED If N what are the problems (i.e. tape player, CD, speakers, noise): Aftermarket Sound System Equipment? (Y/N) If Y describe: A/C Functional? (Y/N) NO ISSUES WHEN LAST USED If N describe problem: Has the A/C been converted from R12 to R134A? (Y/N) DON'T BELIEVE SO Does the suspension require any attention? (Y/N) NO ISSUES WHEN LAST USED If Y describe what is needed Tire Brand: GOODYEAR Remaining Tread: NOT SURE BUT GOOD TREAD LEFT Are All Tires Matched? (Y/N) Y Factory Wheels? (Y/N) Y If N describe the non stock wheel Factory Wheel Center Caps Condition: (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor) EXCELLENT Missing Caps? (____) number0 Any Brake Components Replaced? (Y/N) MANY PARTS REPLACED WHILE WE OWNED IT If Y describe the part(s) replaced and when? Last Time Brake System Was Flushed? NOT KNOWN Original Engine? (Y/N) Y If N when replaced and how many miles on replacement? Original Engine Rebuilt? (Y/N) If Y when and how many miles ago? Does Engine require attention? (Y/N) NOT RUNNING, NO KNOWN ISSUES WHEN LAST RUNNING If Y what needs to be done. When was last tune up? Does the engine, cooling system, power steering, or brake system leak any fluids? (Y/N) If Y describe in detail what is leaking, to what extent. How often do you change the oil? Original Transmission? (Y/N) If N when replaced and how many miles on replacement? Original Transmission Rebuilt? (Y/N) If Y when and how many miles ago? Does Transmission require attention? (Y/N) APPEARS TO HAVE TRANS COOLER LINE LEAK, LEAKS TRANS FLUID WHEN MOVED FROM DRIVERS FRONT If Y what needs to be done? When was last Transmission Service? Any Transmission Leaks? (Y/N) If Y to what extent? Have CV joints been replaced? (Y/N) If Y when and how many miles ago? I have (all/most/some/no) receipts for this vehicle's service history. (or, for example I have (all/most/some/no) receipts for service for the last ___ years and ______ miles) ALL RECORDS SINCE 66,000 MILES Does the car have the owners manual portfolio? For 90/91 Reattas only, does the owners manual portfolio contain: Craftsmen?s Log (Y/N) Tire gauge (Y/N) Flashlight (Y/N) Buick Road Atlas (Y/N) In General, What items need attention? My Reatta Drives: (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor) I am the __3RD____owner of this Reatta. I have owned this Reatta for __14?___ Years and/or _____ Months. Contact Me at __517_ _937__ __8498__ or email me at _RLANE697________@___GMAIL_._COM__